Is it still on? Anyone know? We need to leave in a 1/2 hr or so to make it......can someone post soon.



Joe Willcox Performance Night

S&W Awards and Photos Crate Sportsman    26 cars

Heats: Chris Silvers, Mike Buchanan,  Zack Sutton 

20 lap feature:  Chris Silvers, Zack Sutton, Nate DeLong, Eric DeLong, Art Goodier, Don Lawson, Ray Smith, Doug Kline,  Loren Lincoln,  A. J. Potrzebowski, Casey Pavlick, Tony Hooker, Rod Mullen, Dave Yehl, Ryan Tracy, Conner Brown, Lynn Burrell, Brett Buono, Kreg Cooker, Donnie Lawson, John Hargraves, Mike Buchanan, A. J. Costley, Frank Kline, Jeff Frazier

NAPA 360 Late Models    18 cars

Heats:  John Waters, Tony Foth 

25 lap feature: Glenn Whritenouir, John Waters, Bryce Davis, Steve Watson, Jason Knowles, Cecil LaBarron, Tony Foth, Greg Galligan, Mike Wonderling Sr , Phil Yaw, Jeremy Wonderling, Dan Gardner, Jay McConnell, Mike Robinson, Steve Hartman Jr., Mick Seeley, Josh Smith

Morgan?s Auto Repair Street Stocks  15 cars

Heats:  Russell Morseman, Jeredd Dennis

20 lap feature:  Brett Marlatt, Joe Layfield, Jeredd Dennis, Jeff Smith, Cliff Moss, Russell Morseman, Teddy Morseman, Harry Vosburg, Butch Dibble, Chuck Pruden, Rick Crego, Joseph Birdsall, Mike Kerr, Kane Stebbins

Signs Plus Mini Stocks    22 cars

Heats: Brandon Martin, Rich Sharpsteen II, Jason Warner

20 lap feature: Ron Daily Jr. Rich Sharpstein II, J. R. Hoppe, Brett Crawford, Brandon Morseman, Eddie Mills, Jason Ketrow, Brandon Martin, Tracy Dunn, Jeff Stone, John Hand Jr. Chad Ayers, Aaron Bartas, Tom Kleintop, Val Stephens, Jason Warner, Chris Woodard, Ryan Nichols, Ricky Amidon, Nate Libertone, Chris Hand DNS John Hand Jr.

LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD  12 cars

Heats: Jamie Freeman, Ronnie Hill

20 lap feature, Ronnie Hill, Gary Baker, Jamie Freeman, Cody Baker, James Howard, Jeremy Seeley, Matt Prescott, Adam Bulkley, Wesley Houghtaling, Allison Pierce, Tim Steffey, Nate Freeman
Some people I really wanted to see in Victory Lane tonight, Great Job by all. Chris Silvers, was telling him at the mall show that he was going to be there soon, and look where he ended up. Glenn Whritenour and John Waters had a great battle throughout the whole race, well when they went green flag racing anyways. Thats the same finish at Black Rock Speedway last weekend. Glenn first, John second. But it was a great run by those guys and I think you'll see John Waters in Victory Lane sometime this year. Brett Marlatt could not denied either, he had a great car and I think he will do great in that awesome looking (Cousins Design) #99 Street Stock this year! Ron Dailey also will do well this year, he put on a drive to get past both a tough Rich Sharpsteen and Morseman machines to get the win. B-Boys at it again in the front wheel drives and I think they will have a great year again but on the horizon comes some competitors, the Birdsalls will be out there soon!

Photos I took will be posted early in the week.
Glenn and Chris in Victory Lane, Photos attached COPYRIGHT ROBERT SYMONDS


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Brett and Ron in Victory Lane, Photos attached COPYRIGHT ROBERT SYMONDS


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