Woodhull street stock tires?

Vern was selling them last year, but I haven't heard if Ted will continue...  Dylan Dewert was also stocking them, but I'm not sure if he will again this year.  I'll send and e-mail off to the powers that be and see if they can give us any direction...


Thanks for checking let me know what you find, I talked to Vern he no longer has them, I talked to Lias tire they got em for $95 a piece plus UPS shipping, Indiana PA. is farther than I want to travel if I can get them more local from a speed shop without getting whacked on price to hard.

I just hung up the phone with Ted White himself (the new Woodhull HMFIC) and he said that he is headed to Indiana this weekend to pick up a chitload of tires for the Modified, BRP and Street Stock divisions.  He stated that the track will stock American Racers for all of those classes and said that if anyone has any questions regarding tires, or any other issue, that they can e-mail him at twrauto@verizon.net

How's that for a prompt reply?  I think this is gonna be a REALLY good year...