Whats up at Woodhull?


Is it just me or is vanpelts running the show? WoW were they fast the last two weeks. Billy smoked them last week and curt this week. almost liked they switched cars. What a show????


they are always fast,but  i think they also have the handicap system figrued out they kinda take turns running up front.
Woodhull doesnt have the handicap system. You draw for your heat and depending on a draw for the Invert is where you start. But also the first and second place finishers from last weeks feature starts 17th and 18th.

I talked to Billy about those sail panels. He told me, he really doesnt like them, makes the car a lot tighter. He was kicking but with them, why change them.


Was over last year to watch one night. Billy or Kurt will tell you or show you anything or everything they know. They are just fast.
none on the website yet

360 Late Models- Glenn Whritenour #15
358 Modifieds- Curt VanPelt #12
Crate Sportsman- Bill Brewer #17
Street Stock- Jared Hill #93
Mini Stock- Ted Morseman #44
FWD- Joe Birdsall #63

Streets ROC- Josh Nobriga #22
360 Late ROC- Jeremy Wonderling #3J


there is nothing posted about this weeks results yet . i dont even see the quick results yet or maybe it my computter


tbundy4 said:
there is nothing posted about this weeks results yet . i dont even see the quick results yet or maybe it my computter
Sometimes you need to refresh the page..



Maple City Dodge and LaBarron Brothers Repair & Parts & Precision Collision Night

Napa 360 Late Models  (27 cars)

Heats:  Dave Miller, Greg Galligan, Bruce Miller 

Consi:  Josh Smith

25 lap feature:  Glenn Whritenour (4), Bruce Miller, Jeremy Wonderling, Mikey Wonderling, Dave Miller, Brian Conley, Brian Knowles, Mike Wonderling, Sr., Bryce Davis, Fred Amann, Steve Watson, Greg Galligan, Jason Knowles, Wally Wade, Josh Smith, Mick Seeley, Jaye McConnell, Jeredd Dennis, Wayne Robertson, Stacy Cobb, John Waters, Larry Knowles, Greg Young, Cecil LaBarron DNS: Steve Hartman, Jr., JR Bartlett, Shane Smith

R.O.C:  Jeremy Wonderling, Steve Hartman, Jr., Mike Wonderling, Sr., Bruce Miller, Greg Galligan, Dave Miller, Mikey Wonderling, Jason Knowles, Brian Conley, Glenn Whritenour, Josh Smith

L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modified (30 cars)

Heats:  Kevin Chilson, Brian Doolittle, Tony Harris

B-Main: Steve Hartman, Jr.

25 lap feature:  Curt VanPelt, Tony Harris, Steve Hartman, Jr., Billy VanPelt, Ray Bliss, Brian Doolittle, Ken Peoples, Sr., Kevin Chilson, Ron White, Brent Boyer, Tim Guild, Dave Dubois, Stacy Jackson, Trevor Sutherland, Joe Dgien, Lucas Schroth, Brooks Leach, Mike Bills, Ray Dann, Chris Clark, Bob Davis, Dale Welty, Dylan Dewert, Mike Jackson DNS: Ryan Gordner, Bob Silvernail, Marc Benson, Lee Bills, Serenity Sutherland, Dave Lantz

S&W Awards and Photos Crate Modifieds (27 cars)

Heats:  Nate DeLong, Casey Pavlick, Kenny Peoples, Jr.

Consi:  Brett Buono

20 lap feature:  Bill Brewer, Scott Brown, Steve Hartman, Sr., Donnie Lawson, Larry Keegan, Casey Pavlick, Dave Yehl, Ken Peoples, Jr., Cale Paul, Bob Johnson, Ryan Tracy, Donny Knowles, Brett Buono, Art Goodier, Nate DeLong, Mike Buchanan, Nick Gulata, Erik DeLong, Tony Hooker, Frank Kline, Bill Shea, Kreg Crooker, Doug Kline, Ray Smith DNS: Bill McKelvy, Gary Lampman, Greg Crooker

Morgan?s Auto Repair Street Stocks (24 cars)

Heats:  Dan Gordon, Josh Nobriga, Mike Kerr

20 lap feature:  Jared Hill (4), Colton Herrington, Russell Morseman, Cliff Moss, Harry Vosburg, Jeff Smith, Rich Marlatt, Mike Warren, Chuck Pruden, Brian Butler, Butch Dibble, Daryl Miles, Kurt Stebbins, Dean Stebbins, Mark Guinup, Toby Hillard, Dan Babcock, Dan Gordon, Kane Stebbins, Mike Kerr, Mark Richmond, Ken Stebbins, Cory McConnell DNS:  Mike Williams, Josh Nobriga

R.O.C: Josh Nobriga, Jared Hill, Jeff Smith, Rich Marlatt, Colton Herrington, Kurt Stebbins, Cliff Moss  DNF: Mike Williams, Russell Morseman & Corey McConnell 

Signs Plus Mini Stock (22 cars)

Heats:  Ray Spiecher, Brandon Morseman, Rich Sharpsteen 

25 lap feature:  Ted Morseman, Jr. (7), Ron Dailey, Jr., Brian Grant, Sr., Jeff Brown, Ed Mills, Rich Sharpsteen, Jason Ketrow, Jason Warner, Tracy Dunn, William Gardner, Randy Dunn, Lynn Burrell, Rick Amidon, Brandon Morseman, Roberts Symonds, Jake Eveningham, John Hand, Jr., Brandon Martin, JR Hoppe, Aaron Bartas, Chris Woodard DNF: Ray Spiecher, John Hand

LaBarron Brothers Repair & Parts FWD (19 cars)

Heats:  Gary Baker, Joseph Birdsall

25 lap feature:  Joseph Birdsall (3), Gary Baker, Tom McGlynn, Jamie Freeman, James Howard, Mark Schenck, Cody Baker, Allison Pierce, Tim Steffey, Matt Prescott, Jacob Clarke, Shane Rogers, Steve Gee, Lynn Richmond, Wesley Houghtailing, Ron Hill, Sandy Kelsey, Daniel Pierce, Billy Joe Birdsall



Awesome run Bird keep it up.
also nice runs to Jared Hill, Jeff Smith, Butch Dibble, Mike Warren, and Mark Guinup.

Allison Pierce


Thanks Allison, one more week for the 40 car then we are done until Oct.23rd for the Charlie Pruden Memorial. ;)


C'mon Jeff, I hear a certain "Geezer" will be piloting several BFR rides in the next few weeks, how can ya pass up an opportunity like that?


Good Run Bird!!  :)

Good finish  Mike!!  :)

Allie you did good too!!  :)

Oh yea Mike.. 8) ??? ??? ???



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I'll be there to route him on but my car will be home. I've got some projects that have to be done before winter and racing after the points are over just isn't going to happen this year.
Translated- Geezer "A" is skeered of getting whooped by Geezer "B"...  ;D

It's OK Jeff, by last count we tied for 8th in points...  Even though my trophy said "9th"...  ???

Must be he's seen how fast the Caddy is with the wing on it...  :p

Is that enough goading or should I continue???  ;D


whats the pit admission price for woodhull? anyone know the rules on kids in the pits, and if kids are allowed are they full price? thanks.
Pit admission is $25.00 across the board (can't swear that they won't raise it for the open shows)...  Doesn't matter of you're 90 years or 90 days old...  No age limit anymore...