What was NASCAR thinking??


OR, weren't they thinking at all?

One of the biggest races of the year, the Daytona 500 was scheduled to be telecast this past Sunday, beginning at 2:30 PM, EST. As usual, while the broadcast indeed began at 2:30, the usual pre-race "stuff" took about 30 minutes to be tended to, so the race, threatening weather notwithstanding, didn't start until around 3 PM.

15 laps in, a "medium one" occurred, which created a red flag condition, which then dragged on for 6 hours, as the skies did open up. Now, with respect to the idea of getting the race in, on "race day", yeah I understand that.....sort of. Fans like me, checked in, from time to time, and as the day dragged on, I seriously doubted the race would be run. The last check I made, at 7 PM, they were still showing a re-run of the Busch Clash. Sure looked like the remainder of the race (450 miles) would be postponed until Monday.

Imagine my surprise, as I was returning home from an early dental appointment on Monday morning, and a DJ on the radio was talking about the results of the race............



It is now time for him to ####  or get off the pot.  With all that NBA BIG BUCKS, he should have THE BEST OF THE BEST, when it comes to equipment, now if he is as good as he is supposes to be, he should start winning  or maybe put mikie mcdowell  #34 in the car. Lol .


If Bubba continues to be nothing more than a "middle of the pack" racer, it will be interesting to see what the team's owners will do.....replace him and/or fold up the team.


NASCAR only does what it does because TV coverage (soon to be mostly or completely streamed) is KING.  I repeat, broadcast coverage is KING!!!


Yeah, like Mike says:

NASCAR only does what it does because TV coverage (soon to be mostly or completely streamed) is KING. I repeat, broadcast coverage is KING!!!

I was there and knew by watching the weather that the delay would me measured in hours, not minutes. I went back to the place I was staying, about 40 min away. Kept checking, but I was not about to go back for a 9PM start after I got there at noon in the first place. NASCAR got prime time TV coverage, I got hosed. $220 for 16 laps of racing. That's $13.75 a lap, about the cost of a speedway beer.