What is the best race rhat you have been to this year ?


1) WMT at NH Santos beats Dowling by a foot.
2) ROC at Jukasa


The Nee York Super Stock 50 lap Dave London memorial at Spencer speedway.

Pops Leaty 75 lap RoC also at Spencer speedway. Lots of big names in modified racing as well as Ryan Press of Nascar Infinity racing. It was an exciting race from start to finish with Matt Hirshman in his red #60 car finishing just ahead of Preese's #6 tribute to the late great driver Maynard Troyer.
It was an awesome night!
Been to alot of races this year and I know I haven't seen a bad one. A couple stick out IMSA supers at Lancaster and any of the Superlatemodel shows that I have been to.


Hard to pick just one. Top three in no particular order:

1. ROC race at Lancaster where Hossfeld won by inches over Mike Leaty...

2. ROC race at Jukasa...

3. All-Star sprint race at Grandview.....
The last 2 races at Spencer's.  The Dave London Memorial was great.  Last weeks Tribute to Pops Leaty, for me was very nostalgic, as the stands were full, the pits were full & I saw a lot of old friends.  I have been going there since the late 50's and have seen the progression from Sportsman all the way to Modifieds.  I tell ya, when the green dropped for the feature last Friday, I had goosebumps for the first few laps, as I visualized my Hero's from the last 60 years going around the track.  Thanks again Mike, Jeff & all others who put that show together. Was really great talking to Greg Aumann in the pits after the races, a friend I grew up with, but hadn't seen for quite some time.


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Pop's 75 at Spencer last week. Like OldFlagger said, was like old times....and ignited dreams of being like that once again every week.  :)
Otto Sitterly going form third to first with two to go and nipping Didero by .010. Also Timmy J side by side with Lichty on Saturday..


Toss up. Port royal 4th of July ( best dirt track I?ve been to). Evergreen Ss feature 8/10. Great battle between pollack/Ahner and the others were Jennerstown 150L lm race, the Bubba raceway park Lucas Oil lm race and the whole World Series at New smyrna ( it?s a must for any race fan) 3 weeks of racing all over central Florida


First modified race at New Smyrna this past February for the World Series of Asphalt. Great car count and racing g throughout the field.