what happened to kids program@Blackrock


8) can anyone explain what is going on at Black Rock Speedway? Kids Jr fan club is no longer there.
From what I have seen there on Friday nights the program was a huge hit, kids winning bikes,goodies bags, prizes, my son was always excited to go to the races for the new stuff at the fan club. The person running the program is such a nice lady, always for the kids. I hope she is well and her leaving wasn't for the wrong reasons.
There sure has been a lot of things(people) leaving Blackrock. I guess thats what you get with new track promoters every year.



The kids program at Black Rock has taken a few weeks off to regroup and reload.  We won't begin to air anyone's dirty laundry on the internet but there has been a change in leadership for the Jr Fan Club program.  We will be relaunching the program very soon and will continue the bike giveaways, goodie bags, etc.  Our young fans are very important to us, they are the future of race fans at our speedway.

We wish to remind everyone that there are always two sides to every story and this case is no different.  Although you speak of "many" people leaving the facility- we know this not to be true.