Weedsport’s Super Kart Series to Begin on May 23 with 3rd Annual Kart Cup


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Weedsport’s Super Kart Series to Begin on May 23 with 3rd Annual Kart Cup
WEEDSPORT, NY (May 12, 2021) – The Slack Karts Super Kart Series at Weedsport Kartway will take the green flag on Sunday, May 23, as the 3rd annual Kart Cup will take to The Short Port.
A rain date for this event is set for Sunday, June 6.
The opening round of the 2021 championship will feature points racing for Jr. Red Clone, Jr. Green Clone, Jr. Purple Clone, Jr. Blue Clone, Jr. Unrestricted, Clone Light, Clone Heavy as well as Clone Super Heavy. The day will be capped with the PRO Clone 360 Kart Cup Twin 20’s, paying $500 to win each 20-lapper and another $500 to the driver with the best finish overall.
Slack Karts will be the premier partner of this year’s Super Kart Series at Weedsport Kartway, presenting a brand new 2022 Slack Pursuit Chassis to one lucky Weedsport Kartway member at season’s end.
The new kart will be presented to a Kartway member that attends all four events on the Super Kart Series trail, which is slated for Sunday, May 23, Sunday, September 19 and October 16-17.
The winner will be determined by a random draw of all members that have perfect attendance at the conclusion of Octoberfest Weekend.
The Slack Pursuit racing chassis from Slack Karts is a state of the art winning chassis that is available in a sit-up sprint version, as well as a Champ kart.
Slack Karts is committed to building the best chassis, designed for all racers whether they are experienced or just getting started. Slack offers a variety of chassis options as standard, as well as a long list of upgrades that can be added to allow racers to create the perfect chassis for individual track needs.
To learn more about Slack Karts, located on 80 Telegraph Rd. in Middleport, NY, visit online at www.pmckart.com or call (716) 735-3500.
Pit gates will open on Sunday, May 23 at 8:30 a.m., with one round of controlled practice to begin at 11 a.m. Time trials will take place 15 minutes following practice.
Fuel for this event must be purchased at the Pit Stop Convenience Store, located in Weedsport at 2737 Erie Dr. The mandatory tire at Weedsport Kartway is the Burris 33.
New for 2021, point classes can only run one set of tires in time trials and their race event. Tires will be marked following time trials, and those tires must be used in feature racing. PRO Clone 360 will be allowed to use as many tires as they wish.
Pre-Registration pricing for points classes is $40 with day of point entries set at $50. PRO Clone 360 pre-entry is $65 with day of set at $75. A link will soon be posted for online pre-entry.
There will be a payout for all classes on May 23.
Member driver pit passes are $10, with Non-Member driver pit passes set at $15. Non-Driver pit passes are $20.
Visit www.weedsportspeedway.com or follow Weedsport Kartway via Facebook at www.facebook.com/weedsportkartway and Twitter @WeedsportSpdwy for more information.
3rd annual KART CUP
Sunday, May 23, 2021
Pits Open – 8:30 a.m.
Driver’s Meeting – 10:30 a.m.
Practice – 11 a.m. (1-round, controlled)
Time Trials – 15 minutes after Practice
Controlled Practice Order (1-Round, No Breaks):
- Jr. Blue Clone
- Clone Heavy
- Jr. Purple Clone
- Jr. Red Clone
- Clone Light
- Clone Super Heavy
- Jr. Green Clone
- Jr. Unrestricted
- PRO Clone 360
Time Trial Order (2-laps):
- Jr. Blue Clone
- Clone Heavy (16-Lock In)
- Jr. Purple Clone
** 5-Minute Break**
- Jr. Red Clone
- Clone Light (16-Lock In)
- Clone Super Heavy
**5-Minute Break**
- Jr. Green Clone
- Jr. Unrestricted
- PRO Clone 360 (18-Lock In)
B-Mains – 12-laps, 12-minutes – 2 Qualify (If Necessary)
Lineup based on time trials
Same running order as time trials
Kart Cup A-Mains
- Jr. Blue Clone A-Main (20-laps, 20-minutes | 13 karts, or split field)
- Clone Heavy A-Main (25-laps, 20-minutes | 20 karts)
- Jr. Purple Clone A-Main (20-laps, 20-minutes | 11 karts or split field)
- Jr. Red Clone A-Main (20-laps, 20-minutes | 9 karts or split field)
- Clone Light A-Main (25-laps, 20-minutes | 20 karts)
- Clone Super Heavy A-Main (25-laps, 20-minutes | 20 karts)
- Jr. Green Clone A-Main (20-laps, 20-minutes | 9 karts or split field)
- PRO Clone 360 Twin #1 (20-laps | 20 karts | $500 to win)
- Jr. Unrestricted A-Main (20-laps, 20-minutes | 15 karts or split field)
- PRO Clone 360 Twin #2 (20-laps | 20 karts | $500 to win)
Racing concludes by 6 p.m.
Kart Cup Purse Breakdowns
Kart Cup PRO Clone 360 A-Main #1
$500 to win guaranteed
Kart Cup PRO Clone 360 A-Main #2
$500 to win guaranteed
Kart Cup PRO Clone 360 Overall Twin Payout (Best Overall Finish, Time Trials Break Ties) 25 kart minimum payout**
1st - $500*, 2nd - $350, 3rd - $250, 4th - $150, 5th - $100, 6th through 9th - $75, 10th - $50
* - Winner’s share guaranteed | **25-kart minimum for Top 10 purse
Points Class Payouts (Minimum Top 2 Payout)
10 entries or more – Top 3 payout
14 entries or more - $100 to win
Kart Cup Entry Info
Points Classes
$40 Online Pre-Entry
$50 Day Of Entry

PRO Clone 360 (Must also run 1-points class)
$65 Online Pre-Entry
$75 Day Of Entry
Non-Driver Pit Pass
Non-Member Driver Pit Pass

Member Driver Pit Pass

Points Classes:
Jr. Red Clone (5-7 yrs. old, 225 lbs.)
Jr. Green Clone (7-9 yrs. old, 250 lbs.)
Jr. Purple Clone (9-13 yrs. old, 275 lbs.)
Jr. Blue Clone (12-15 yrs. old, 310 lbs.)
Jr. Unrestricted (13-15 yrs. old, 325 lbs.)
Clone Light (15 & up, 340 lbs.)
Clone Heavy (15 & up, 375 lbs.)
Clone Super Heavy (15 & up, Driver 200 lbs. w/gear – overall 400 lbs.)
About Weedsport Speedway: Officially opened for the first time on July 24, 1955 – the Weedsport Speedway 3/8 mile dirt oval has produced a legendary list of drivers and champions including Will Cagle, Danny Johnson, Bob McCreadie, Alan Johnson, Jack Johnson, and Dave Lape to name a few. In 2018, Weedsport introduced the all-new Weedsport Kartway, just outside of the Speedway’s main pit area, to begin to foster the next generation of racers, crew members and race fans. Couple the racing with state-of-the-art camping and track amenities, unmatched on-site television production capabilities, plus the ability for large scale concert productions and Weedsport is one of the marquee entertainment venues in the country.