Vintage Modified exhibition race @ the US Open 2014

Lets see if we can get a great turn out for the Vintage Modified exhibition race.    At our last vintage race at Spencer, The club president was asking who could make the haul to Lancaster for the US Open?  I'm in!  How about  the Dutch Hoag coupe and the 3 clover of Fitz.  Lets get a bunch of cars for this show.    I understand the driver gets in free and will receive $150.00 for participating.    Who else is in?


ill be there with the 33L of course, we will wash the dirt off ths time first. lol  contact paul monroe or al byerly. its a multi club show primarly put on by the pennsy club but all cars from all clubs are welcome. hoping to get a good turnout.
How about Jim Musto with the beautiful #58 Merv Treichler modified.  Think we can get a hold of Jim, see if he can make the show?  Anybody know of any body with a Richie Evans replica racer?  How about Fitz?  Is he still on the mend?
I will be there with the 00 late model, i got the holland damage repaired. im pretty sure the 49 late model will be there too. hope we get a good car count,