Turkey Derby?


We took the 64 Super Stock to the Turkey Derby this year. I have to say, i don't think i have been to an event as cool as this in a long time. The electric feeling of the 2014 US Open was a lot like what we just experienced at Wall Stadium. Its bigger than i understand right now. Tour Mod pits were jammed, SK pits? Jammed. Limited Late Models? 26. Dirt Mods, factory stocks, TQ's...it just went on and on. very cool. I'm reading up and trying to learn more about the tradition. Its so cool to see events like this...I won't miss it again.

Anyone considering going to this event - DO IT. The staff of the track, the tech dept & everyone else working there in any capacity have to be the most helpful, upbeat people I've met in racing. Everyone went overboard to welcome us. Its a great event and such a cool thing to be a part of. 


And as a fan who cherishes turkey derby, thank you for coming!

I couldn't believe my ears when they said there were 26 limited lates...the class is full of dedicated people, and very good ones.  It was awesome to see a full field...
The Derby was great this year ,the tour Mods ran like hell as did the TQ midgets. The rest of the cars did as well it is a real shame the Wall Mods run like they do for there biggest race of the year they just tear everything up and during the summer they put on a Great show  every Saturday night through out the year.
All the races are on YouTube.