Town that has the best modified drivers


Last year I saw a cool thread on Facebook that mentioned the talent that came out of Sanborn, NY (Treichlers, Iulg, etc.) and thought how cool that must've been back in the prime of auto racing. They may not have the national notoriety like that of Cook and Evans, but still an awesome amount of talent from there.
How about Northampton PA? Tony and Matt Hirschman, Eric and Austin Beers

Riverhead - Charlie Jarzombek, Eric Goodale, Kevin Goodale, Dave Sapienza, Jr Ambrose, Roger Turbush, Chris Turbush, Chris Young and his son Chris Young, Tommy Rogers


Ransomville, NY - asphalt and dirt
How about Davey Moore Joe Plazek and Pete Bicknell from the Niagara area of Ontario. Mat Williamson is a young gun that is very tough to beat. Also Stuart Friesen started racing in Niagara before he moved to the big leagues.


Bliss, NY

Gail Barber
John Barber
Jim Barber
Cam Barber
Alan Bookmiller - all with track championships in a modified.

Steve Hoxie
Sam Hoxie
John Bookmiller
Jeff Haas - all with wins in a modified

Joe Barber
Chris Barber - both with starts in a modified and winners in other classes

All from Bliss, NY population of under 500. Hope I didn't forget anyone.


Webster, NY

A couple of generations of Masons;
A couple of generations of Merz;
Tim Mangus, son of car owner/builder Dick Mangus;
Billy Schutt.........