Tire shortages


If I understand correctly, three modified shows, so far, have been cancelled, due to a short supply of tires. Is this just a Hoosier situation, or does it apply to Goodyear, too, assuming that they had a tire in the sizes used by the mods?

If this situation continues, how many more shows will be negatively impacted, and from the spectators point of view, should more shows have to be cancelled, how much notice will be given, and where will it be announced? A couple of friends of mine are planning on joining me, at the two scheduled modified shows at Spencer's, and I'd hate to drive out there, only to find the shows are cancelled.

It's bad enough that we seem to be getting into one of those "wonky years", where it rains, but only on Friday and Saturday nights, but to have to cancel a show because there aren't any tires.....
New Egypt had a 60 lap race on July 20th they canceled that and I think Mahoning cancelled there Modifies this week because of tires and Wall 100 lapper was run with no pit stops for tires .


Racing Genius
As far as I know it affects short track racing primarily. Hoosier and American Racer are both facing the same issues with regard to

raw material from the petro states ( Texas,Oklahoma etc) and a labor shortage that has affected most industries and business as we know.

The Covid excuse is bull in my opinion more like politics is driving the madness lately. It's day to day and week to week with nobody really

knowing when normal returns.