The power of sponsorship 🤝 Congratulations!

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The power of sponsorship 🤝



In true Bergamot fashion you all showed up and you completely CRUSHED it. Today’s celebration sale was OUR BIGGEST DAY IN ALL OF BERGAMOT HISTORY. Today our tiny Williamstown storefront sold ALL 120 purses that we had in stock in two hours, leaving absolutely nothing behind for inventory. 😭🥇✨🙌🏻

We cried.
Amanda might still be crying… mostly because she didn’t get to greet you all at the door this morning like all other sale days in the past… but our gallery team hustled their hearts out today. holy crap! You did it! Stephen Donahue did it! We all did it! This community is nothing short of amazing, we are all so blessed to have one another.

With all of this said, and with Peter and Amanda on the road, vending at Eastern States Expo on behalf of The State of Vermont… our Gallery Storefront will be now CLOSED until October. We will post formal dates as soon as we have them. In the meantime, we will be diligently working our little fingers to the bone rebuilding fresh new inventory so we can reopen for the upcoming holiday season. As crazy as it sounds, it’ll be time to be wrapping presents soon and we have LOTS of exciting new items headed your way, so stay tuned in and see you soon!

THANK YOU! We love you.
Congratulations on one heck of a season Donahue Motorsports. We are SO proud to be a part of such an incredible team.

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