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Shamrock 3x

Some of you may have heard that I had an unfortunate meeting with the 1st turn wall at WCIS on Sunday.  I'm am OK, but do have some cracked ribs. My Joie of Seating seat did it's job though, keeping me in place, but when ribs meet reinforced aluminum at 65-75 mph, something has to give and it's not usually the seat. Anyway, although I'm sore and disappointed (NOT how I'd planned to end 2012 season), I will be able to race again in the future...if I choose to do so (still mulling that over at this time). Anyway, 9/2 was not my favorite day at a race track, but there were some bright spots, and some "Thank You's" are in order:

To Jim M. (WCIS) - Thank you for inviting me to participate with your Vintage Late Model guys. It's a great group of racers and I hope the class continues to grow in 2013. I'd like to come back and try for a better result. We had a couple we're friends with come down from Brockport to watch me race.  After my wreck they decided to leave, since they didn't know anything about any of the other divisions or drivers. They asked if they could get their money back, and your folks said YES, so thank you for that too!  I will encourage them to come back another day, as a result, to experience some of the great racing you offer at WCIS.

To WCIS officials, track volunteers, EMT lady & tow truck drivers - Thank you for your professional handling of the situation.  You responded quickly, helped me out of the car with patience and kindness, removed my car from the track with much care, and then the tow truck drivers returned after the races and did an awsome job helping get my car loaded on the trailer!  Thanks also to the folks at the pit shack, who let my wife, friends, and daughter-in-law come into the pits, at no charge - with their vehicle, when they arrived after my crash.  That was a wonderful gesture and was much appreciated! Thanks EMT lady for checking me out, encouraging me to get a 2nd opinion or two (I did), and for the laugh ('what are you doing in a race car at 60 yrs. old??). 

To Mark (didn't get your last name), the driver of the beautiful orange Ford Torino that we parked next to - Thank you for the loan of the lug wrench (I forgot mine), the offer to show me the correct line around the track (it was working for a little while!), and your help after with the car.  Please also tell your wife how much my wife appreciated the kind words and support she gave to her.

To Dick Barrett, my crewchief - Thanks for your help all year, from the use of your truck & trailer to the overall good company you provided. Particular thanks on 9/2 for staying with the car w/o me, supervising the loading process and bringing the car back. If things go well in the repair process, I'm leaning toward teaming up with you for a few races next year too. I certainly wouldn't have been able to do any of this w/o your help and friendship this year!

To Utica Mike - Thanks for loving my car and telling me so! But the real thanks is for all your help in our pit after the wreck. In spite of the fact that you were crewing for Sheri Hogan, you were right there for us, helping to get the car ready to load after the crash and helping (no, I think leading is more like it) after the races, making sure that it was loaded securely, w/o incurring any more damage. We REALLY appreciated all your help, so thank you again. Oh and don't really look like John Wayne. That was just my wife's gratitude showing, when she told you that. GAWD....what was she smoking on the way to the track!?

Finally to my wife, Jill - Since you're not on RaceNY, you may not see this, but everyone else that is should know how lucky I am to have you as a partner. Your love, concern for my well being, and support of my crazy passion has been unwaivering from the time I decided to buy a helmet and go racing. This, in spite of the fact that you had only a passing interest in things automotive before you met me and had never even been to a race prior to your 36th birthday! Specifically, Sunday was one of the longest days (literally) of our lives, and you were by my side from start to finish, with support, encouragement and love. I am one lucky guy to have you by my side for now and the future. As you're fond of saying we ARE good for each other! I love you, honey!!

To anyone else that helped that either I've left out or didn't know about (I left @ 6 PM to go to Urgent Care) - My crewchief told me that when it came time to load the car, there were about 100 people (his estimation) helping. All he had to do was back the trailer under the the elevated car, wait for it to be lowered & secured, and then drive home. There were so many people offering help and support that it would be impossible to name them all individually.  But, you're all part of a racing community that takes care of it's own, and I'm proud (no, thrilled) to be a part of that community! Thank you all!

Help wanted / needed - If anyone in the Rochester area has some time (I'm guessing an hour should do it) about 9 AM on Saturday (9/8), we could sure use some help getting the car off the trailer / into my garage.  Those with bad backs should NOT volunteer, as some lifting will be required. Also, if anyone has a low profile, light weight jack, and can bring it, we could probably put it to use.  I'm hoping for 6-8 volunteers to make the work lighter, and have 2 signed on already.  So, if 4-6 more can contact me (585-624-6694 - days, 585-349-8198 - eves, or, I'll give you directions to my house in Spencerport.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Bill FitzSimmons / 3x Vintage Modified


Sometimes things in life and racing don't go according to plan. 

It's nice to know that there are great people out there willing to help when a bad day happens.

Bill has always been willing to help others and it's nice to know that some of that was returned to him this past weekend.

Hope you heal up quickly Fitz....




Sorry about your misfortune Bill. That sucks.

I can't lift anything but I have a jack that I can bring. Might be able to round up a helper or two........kt


Bill, I may not always agree with what you have on your mind, but I certainly hate seeing anyone get hurt. Not sure if I can do much, but I'll try to help any way I can. Get Well Soon!


Racing Genius
John Wayne Gacy ( the killer clown) maybe but T H E John Wayne?  Tell your wife thanks for the compliment but vintage Mod drivers wifes' will now be drug

tested. No doubt she's smart though getting you off to see the doc like she did.  I'm glad to hear your on the mend and will be back at it next year (I'm hoping).

I've said on a number of occasions of all the things about racing that I love, the cars, the smells, sounds and competition, it's the people (most of them) that

make it the best game in the world. Jumpin in to help out the good guys (and gals) in this sport is the easiest thing in the world to do. The good folks at Perry

doing all that you mentioned is true and it's just part and parcel of the good things that go on everyday in racing all over the place. We just don't hear enough of

this side of sport.  My pleasure to help you anytime, now get those ribs 100% and have at it fixing the 3x this Winter.
Shamrock 3x...

A little humor may help ease the frustration, so here goes...

If I were to throw a party and serve ribs and crackers, would you be interested?  ;D

This is the first I've heard about your wreck, and I'd volunteer to help you get the car into the garage if I didn't have a ton of other stuff going on that day. Mull all you want, but once the sore ribs are on the mend and you are sick of humping snow during the off season, my money says you'll be itching to get back behind the wheel on 2013. Keep the good spirits up.

Bob Miller.

Shamrock 3x

Thanks for the show of support, guys!

Moselli....thanks for the kind and (always) thoughtful words. FYI, an application to join my fan club is in the mail to you!

kt....thanks for the offer to attend, bring your jack, and maybe others(?).  I will take you up on that.  If you could let me know for sure if you'll have any extra bodies, that's be great.  Do you know when you'll know?

Allen....Hey don't feel too bad. I don't always agree with your posts either, but that doesn't mean I don't respect your opinions (I do), and I certainly appreciate the support.  Now please get your car finished and race with us next year!

boxcar15....Joe, THANK YOU for the offer to help!  I look forward to meeting you in person. When will you know for sure if you'll be available?

UM....You're probably a little too far away for Sat., but I always enjoy your posts. Thanks again for your help and for always making me smile.

H.F.Bob...."ribs & crackers" sounds good. Lemme know what kind of crackers you like. Thanks too for the kind words, and although you can't make it Sat., I hope to meet you someday.  Love your abandoned race track stuff!

All....looks like I'm real colse to having the "right" number of people, depending on what specific info I receive from kt and boxcar15. I don't want to ask too many people, so I'll wait a day or so before contacting any others. I think kt knows where I live, but in case he's forgotten and for Joe and/or others, my address is:
354 Village Walk Circle
Spencerport, NY 14559

Looking forward to getting this done (car off trailer, in garage, up on jack stands) on Sat., and I will provide donuts, muffins, coffee, and juice.....and beer, if anyone wants to start early ('ll be 5 O' Clock somewhere!).



Dang Bill, sorry to hear of your tangle w/ the immovable object!

Heal fast, and get back at it....that's one sweet ride.  ;)


Shamrock 3x said:
Thanks for the show of support, guys!

Moselli....thanks for the kind and (always) thoughtful words. FYI, an application to join my fan club is in the mail to you!

"I will never join any organization that will accept me as a member."  - Groucho Marx

Shamrock 3x

"I will never join any organization that will accept me as a member."  - Groucho Marx

I didn't say I'd accept  you....just that I sent you an application.  I'm gonna have to see if you're qualified to be a member first  ;)


Bill, our Saturday morning Breakfast Club (me,roundman,skinny boy) will be there with two aluminum jacks. Happy to help, we get together around that time anyways.............kt

ps....we don't have a lot of muscle, but plenty of sperience

Shamrock 3x

sounds good.  see you 3 at 9 AM Continental (muffins, doughnuts, coffee, juice) breakfast provided.  'sperience is better than strength anywho!


small world, you are over on village walk circle, I probably could throw a baseball (ok, maybe throw it 2 or 3 times) and be at your place...go figure.


I don't know if I would be that much of a help (with just one good arm) but I could offer moral support...or pick up small stuff or even a "tool runner".  But there's another problem, I would need someone to give me a ride out there from Gates--I was at WCIS and I didn't see it happen but I did see the results!  I'm glad you're OK to race another day!!!


Bill , sorry to hear about your wall experiance, I got there late so I did not know anything about the accident, hope you are OK and on the mend, all I can say is that car is BAAAAADDDD FFASSSTTT , I watched it at Spencers a couple of weeks back, I loved the sound and the power was awesome, if I can be of assistance please let me know.


The orange #02 was 1997 Ransomville and 2003 Genesee (Raceway 5) Street Stock champion Mark Loveland.


That is true, skinny boy, we can always do real breakfast after the continental one. Doughnuts will make a good