Stewart Friesen teams up with Spire Motorsports for a ride for the Bristol dirt race. Here's the paint scheme...


Racing Genius


Sure hope it is a competitive car, I would like to see him win it . Oh, good luck to his wife too, in her truck ride . Go get em , Stewie and the Mrs. !


FWIW, all I can say about the Bristol show, is that it was "different". Might have been more interesting, had it not been so dusty. From the driver's viewpoint, I can't imagine driving 90 MPH, without really being able to see where I was going..........


Well, I don't think the 77 car was , lets say "as competitively equipped as some" . And it looked like Stewies wife did not make the show, at least the one I finally watched. Just another wonderful move by nascar, kicking Tony Stewart to the curb, and saying the heck with the track that was "just fine " for the trucks for the last few years, instead lets spread dirt on the Bristol track. Believe it or not, Tony's track is made for dirt racing, and it did not have to have a million dollar change over to have "the race". It was probably me, BUT I thought it looked like the first couple inside lanes were wore down to the pavement, geeez, that might help wear out those Goodyear dirt tires. Oh well, just another "SMART" move by the "NEW" nascar. J M O !