StarLite Speedway Results 7/10 - 7/11

Friday Nite, after 5 weeks of rain out we finally got some races in. This was Friday Nites Mid-Season Championships. The drivers needed at least 2 races in to qualify for a trophy.

20 Kendale Crout
44 TT Shisler
9 Kyle Pierce - 1st

36 Dalton Herrick - 1st
1 Matt Smith - 2nd
80 Spike Smith
37 Ryan Ellis - 3rd
16 Kaitlin Pashina - 4th
99 Abe Brewer - 5th

Champion Outlaws:
(all qualified)
56 Thomas Champion
98cc Bob Champion
4E Eric Wright
24E Kenneth Smith

1/4 Midgets:
(all qualified)
11 Cora Champion
57 Shawn Champion
58 Kyle Champion

24 Cayla Pierce - 1st
3b Arik Stupke - 2nd
88 Autum Bump - 3rd
6 Ben Snyder
99 Brandon Kelly - 4th
22 Travis West - 5th

17 Natasha Malchak - 1st
89A Carla Morton
57 Samantha Malchak - 2nd
14 Rachael Bump (dnf) - 3rd
3 Kevin Kaiser (dnf) - 4th
36 Darci Herrick (dnf) - 5th
89 Cody Austic (dnf) - 6th

8 Rob Wheeler -1st
94 Mike Kaiser Sr -2nd
04 Mike Kaiser Jr -3rd
24 Josh Miller -4th
9 Ralph Jones Jr -5th
22k Kim Doolittle
18 Dan Kaiser -6th
42 Dan Naegele -7th
6T Tom Jones -8th
38 Jimmy Wintermute (dnf)

8 Rob Wheeler -1st
44 Casey Williams -2nd
14 Mike Kaiser Jr -3rd
1 Mike Rehbein
60 Butch Wintermute -4th
69 Dee Williams -5th
23 Dylan Williams -6th
20 Little Bit
22 Doc Doolittle
58 Zeke Wintermute
11 Dakota Ike (dnf)

The Friday Nite Hurricanes are going on Tour to Limerock on July 18th. Good Luck to them all.

Saturday, July 11

We tried to get the race in but the rain came and washed us out.

To all the drivers that signed in, you will all be starting from scratch, pulling a number for the heats. All drivers car entries are paid. Just need to pay for another Pit Pass.
If you can Not make it July 18, I will hold the money out until July 25.

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