Sportman Modifieds; WCIS or Holland tonight?


Any LNS or Spencer regulars running WCIS or Holland tonight? I added up last weeks Sportsman Mods for the WNY area;  theres over 40 race teams. Just wondering how many teams plan on running WCIS or Holland tonight?
Actually there were 53 sportsman teams that ran between the 4 tracks that run on the same night plus a few different teams that ran fri. Night at spencer , lancaster sportsman teams are off a couple of weeks in a row and with spencers rain out hope there is 20+ teams at WCIS tonight.


Hopefully the Bullring wont cancel, weather looks good for tonite, no reason why there shouldnt be less than 20 sport mods


Why did Holland cancel? Beautiful here all day

UM, the report from holland was the ground was to wet in the pits and other areas, hopefully WCIS will have a good show, cant believe Riverhead only have 20 mods for the 7K, unreal, Matt in for the kill


Racing Genius
Not Matt in for the kill.  I was ready to go but he opted out. Lots of big races coming up in June and getting the car and stuff ready is what is important.