Spencer Speedway Question?


"Bozo", just for clarification, when you say "Ridge Road", do you mean what's now referred to as "Old Ridge Road", which is the original Route 104, on the south side of the track?

(if so, maybe 'The Filling Station'?)


I know back in the day when Fulton Raceway was asphalt there were two bars the racers would gather at,one in each direction.The first was Pies and the second was RFH, bar and restaurant.The first PIES burned down and was never rebuilt and RFH is still booming to this day with great food and atmosphere.The haulers of Richie Evans,Troyer Sonny Seamon ,Dave Nichols etc.were all parked there after the races.I wish someone would write a book on Sonny Seamon as he was quite a character and built alot of the cars including some of Richies.I would like to point out that in the off season i write about these things to stimulate some conversation about racing and hope that more join in .