Spencer Speedway Fall Open Super Stocks


1st of all, I want to thanks the track and especially Chuck DeRidder for putting on an "Open Rules" Type show, which, if you weren't there proves that the Super Stock class can thrive, given the right circumstances. 

Secondly I want to thank Tom Burns for going that extra mile and picking up so much lap sponsorship, which helped alot of guys who have never raced there go home with some extra cash in hand.  Tom, people like you are why racing is surviving. 

FIREBALL Dan Hall, what can be said?  If Dan made a dollar for every hour of promoting he does for us, he could have someone take the pictures for him.  (Not that you would. :) )

Bobby Lippa, Who got the ball rolling on this series and the snowball is getting bigger every race.

To each and every person who reached into their pocket to give hard earned money, to support the Super Stocks.

To Raceny.com.  A Website that promotes local auto racing free of charge, and If it weren't for you, many of us would have nowhere to go for all this information.

To every Race team that showed up, especially the ones who couldn't return on the rain date,  (Sorry to those of you that could not make it back.  I HATE that the weather was predicted to be good Friday, and wasn't.)  I want to say THANK YOU!  Most of you came to a track you have never even been to before to support this race, THREE TIMES!

What can be said about the race itself?  We wrecked out early and I watched that entire race as a fan and from the outside looking in it was one of the best races (Super Stock or otherwise)  I've seen all year.  Lead changes, plenty of drama and a new winner at the Speedway. 

My hope is that we can do this race again next year,  A Spring and a fall race again and hopefully we can do it bigger and better! 

And Last and definetly least, to the naysayers of the NY Super Stocks and the will of it's race teams.  To you I say simply this-

TWENTY THREE CARS, put that in your pipe and smoke it.