Spencer Speedway events in 2021


Is anything happening at Spencer's this season? I was looking for the ROC group to once again bring a few modified shows to the track, but I've heard nothing, and as we all know, it's almost May. I sent an e-mail to the ROC site, about 3 weeks ago, and did not get a response. Any "word on the street"??
Nothing official that I’ve heard of, but I did happen to notice the website was updated a couple of weeks ago. It no longer says “For Sale or Lease” and only says “For Sale.” I’d love to be out there this year but that change doesn’t give me the confidence that will happen.


I went for a drive on Sunday and passed by the back side of Spencer Speedway on Ridge Road and it definitely reminds of an abandoned track which is very sad indeed.


The RoC will be running 4 events at Spencer in 2021 including 2 Modified races. Dates TBD
That's good to hear. I eventually did get a reply to the e-mail I sent to ROC headquarters, and tried to "cut and paste" it here, but for some reason, couldn't do it. In the e-mail, which I received about 4 weeks ago, they said that they had some dates "penciled in", but were still negotiating with both speedway ownership, as well as someone to promote the show.

I hope it all works out....