Spencer Speedway/Dave London Memorial X - 8/25/17 50Laps $2000 to win


2017 Dave London Memorial X Race
August 25th, 2017
Spencer Speedway

50 Lap New York Super Stock Race
$2000.00 to win
Plus Bonus money program by GTR Promotions
NYSS Race #9 of 11
Northcoast Series Race #3 of 5

The Great New York State Race is less than 1 week away.  Cars are being worked on and tuned as we read this.  I have to thank Jody London for letting me and our series a part of his fathers race.  Both GTR Promotions and New York Super Stocks have grown so much from a few years ago.  Thanks to John White & Dave Johnston for all their help with getting the track and personal ready for this week.  Thanks to all the NYSS Team & officials.  Thanks to all the sponsors that have been working with GTR on a spectacular payout for the drivers.  The dead line for registration was last night at midnight.  We have 66 drivers registered for the DLMX.  We also have 20 cars registered for the Grandpa Dog Dash For Cash.  Thanks to Dave Heimes for working with GTR to put this 4 cylinder race together.  This night will be action packed.  We decided to go with the A B & C main format over 2 big consi races.  This is exciting for the fans to watch the cars advance.  The super stock heats will be 10 Laps each.  1st 2nd & 3rd from the heats will be locked into the A Main. 4th 5th & 6th will be locked into the B Main.  7th 8th 9th 10th will be in the C Main.  The Fernwood Auto Parts C main will be 20 Laps with the top 3 advancing into the B Main.  The Shirley Zacharias Shootout presented by Computers by JD  B Main will be 20 Laps.  4 Cars will advance to the A Main.  The winner of the B Main will get the choice of the $500 or advancing.  The $500 will fall back to the first car not advancing.  Then the Main Event.  The 10th Dave London Memorial Race, 50 Laps the distance.  Cautions do not count.  $2000.00 to the winner.  I?m telling you, sparks are gonna fly.  It?s gonna be a show down.  We have many defending DLM winners in the field.  We have Chris Finocchario on a hot streak.  We have the guy that almost won the race many times, but has Earnhardt Daytona luck Tim Gullo.  So many good cars in this series.  Definitely a race to see.  Grand stand adult pricing is $13.00.  See everyone Friday. 

Pit gates open 2:00 pm (all parking in main pits)
- Pre tech & Tire check in from 2:00 to 5:30pm
- Must be in pre tech line by 5:30pm
- Bring your 6 race tires for inspection and marking
- Tire Sales at the tech barn
- Draw for heats 2:00pm to 5:30pm

Practice 5:30 to 6:30pm (Supers then 4 cylinders)
National Anthem 6:55pm
Heats starting at 7:00 pm
- 7 Super Stock Heats, 10 laps each
- 2 Grandpa Dog Heats, 6 laps each
- Heat winner pictures in the pits
8:15pm Intermission & Redraws
8:30pm Starting the mains
- Super Stock 20 Lap C Main (3 will advance)
- Super Stock 20 Lap B Main Shoot Out Race (4 will advance)
- Grandpa Dog in car introduction
- The Grandpa Dog Dash For Cash 16 Lap 4 Cylinder Race
- In Car NYSS Driver Introduction
- The 10th DAVE LONDON MEMORIAL Super Stock 50 Lap Race
- Victory Lane, Top 3 Finishers

Feature Race Info:
- 21 cars qualify from heat finish
- 4 cars qualify from the B Main
- 2 cars strictly by points provisional, this will done after the B & C Main
(By current 2017 NYSS Series Point standings, substitute drivers points will count, drops will NOT be calculated into this)

Racers Notes:
- Radio a must, 454.000
- No radio, no following radio directions, will get you parked
- Top 5 A Main cars to post tech, 6th & 7th on the bubble
- Be ready!!, the night is going to move fast, it has to!!, if your not on the track the race will not hold for you
- Not everyone will make the A Main, but every one will be in a feature race, do the best you can, we will not allow driving through cars, you?ll be parked, no money and no points
- All cars that start the a b or c will get a minimum of 20 NYSS or North coast points

Times and races are subject to change day of event

Sodus Mike

Yes the weather forecast does look perfect . This race last year packed the stands !!! Good luck to all competitors.  With all of Bobby's hard work getting regular sponsors for his series and Jody's hard work for lap and prize money this race rewards all who show up !!! Fans and racers .        (there , now its a discussion)


The best racing weather yet and the show of the year on the schedule !!!  Lets get out to Spencer Speedway this Friday Night  !!!


No results?


I don't understand why there is no official report. It's as if it's being covered up. Us fans who spent our hard earned money deserve to know who won the race.
Official announcement forth coming tech continued into Saturday. Details on lap money etc needed time to be sorted out as I'm sure you can understand.  Tommys win was released immediately so he could celebrate, final release is forthcoming
Official announcement forth coming tech continued into Saturday. Details on lap money etc needed time to be sorted out as I'm sure you can understand.  Tommys win was released immediately so he could celebrate, final release is forthcoming