Special Thanks to Jody London


Special Thanks go out to Jody London and everyone else who Donated Either Time or Money to Help make the Dave London Memorial race what it was (especially the girls sorting the lap money at the end of the night, I know we probably looked like vultures waiting).

Many people don't realise how much hard work goes into making these big shows possible, and I know it can be thankless work sometimes.

Probably the most fun I've ever had at an extra distance race, even though I'm taking a mulligan on my performance :) .

Also I'd like to thank the lap sponsors who I picked up,

Todd Hoddick, Avon Stone and Fireplace, Lees Motorsports, In Memory of Dan DeCracker, and Sean Oneil.

Looking forward to next year already.  -Jimmy


AND Corey Lischer Racing.  Sorry I knew I missed one. :D


Hey Jimmy, 
I am sorry your night didn't go as planned!  You are certainly welcome for the.lap money.  A quick correction as the lap was in honor of my father Gary, I am am still kicking unless you know something I don't!!!!  We were proud to be a small part of a race in honor of a great man!!!!  Have a great night bud!