Since this section has "dried up" lately....


I thought I'd post something to possibly get some discussion going.

Have you ever noticed how these "look up someone's name sites", on the internet, have SO much incorrect information? Security "experts" suggest that you search your own name, just to make sure that something illicit isn't being done, using your name. So yes, I've searched my name every once in a while, and I've found some really "off the wall" stuff about myself.

For instance, I've lived at the same address, with my wife, for the last 29 years. A couple of these sites, however, have me at my former address, and have my current address as my former. They have my parents, my wife's parents, as well as my wife's brother, all living with us. This is rather comical, as all of these people never lived with us at any time, and all of them have been dead for at least 5 years. They also list some family with the same surname as my wife, as relatives of hers, but she has no idea who they are.

There are even more inaccuracies, if you look a little deeper, but these are the obvious errors, the ones that jump right out at you. But in today's "information driven world", this information, accurate or not, may be used against you at some point in your life. Gives you a real sense of security, doesn't it??