FEATURE (started)
1. 95m John Markovic (6th)
2. 71 Jimmy Zacharias (4th)
3. 85 Chris Zacharias (4th)
4. 11 Bill Weichert (9th)
5. 1x Rick Zacharias (1st)
6. 66 Pete Brittain (7th)
7. 76 Chris Daugherty (10th)
8. 3 Daren Scherer (5th)
9. 17 Chris Whitenight (8th)
10. 56 Richard Coyle (12th)
11. 9x Matt Clemens (14th)
12. 0 Danielle Buchek (2nd)
13. 7 Mike Nickels (13th)
14. 71x T.J. Zacharias (11th)


I wonder if that is the same Chris Daugherty I grew up with and races the Superstocks at Chemung? If so..Nice driving!


WOW..No doubt! I didnt realize it when they were doing the driver intro's! Thats awsome! Got to root for My eastside Brothers!


I haven't been to a track since '05, and the first time I show up at Shangri-La II there were a few pleasant positives I took away from it.

The fact that they are enforcing the rules.
(no passing below the yellow line, the flagger waving off poor starts, rulebook enforcement, etc.)

The fact that the track was working hard on improving the second groove - and made it mandatory for all cars in all divisions to run 10 laps "at speed". In my opinion it gave the teams a few more laps of practice and also let them get comfortable with what to expect should they decide to use the higher line.
It worked, as there was a second groove coming in nicely, as stated above.

The Spalding Foundation being a part of the day and seeing Rod there is always a nice thing.
(Betty Sherwood and others put a lot of work into the foundation to help racers that need help)

The 3 lap dash for cash for the last 2 placed cars (that finished the feature) in the Late Models and Street Stocks was nice.
The promoter put up the cash - some for the winners of the dash, and some to the Spalding Foundation as well.

It is so nice to see a track and promoter going the extra mile to work hard at making his facility top notch, while also giving fans more of what they want.

I'll definitely be back as soon as the schedule and my days off are in sync again!