Ron Hills - Need phone #

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Anybody have a good # to reach Ron? 888-787-7223 shows as the new # on his website, but when I call that #, I get a recording saying it's "Technology for industry". Huh??


How bout this one:

Ron Hills

found this one too:

1-866-RACE680 =  1-866-722-3680

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I tried that too, but got connected to some other site (not Race Report). I did send an email yesterday, but have not gotten a reply. Thanks for trying to help, though.


I haven't seen him since The ROC Race at Shangri La 2 back in May.If I'm not mistaken that first number is his work number.
You are absolutely right, Mr Fitzsimmons. You did not get a reply to the email you sent Friday. I worked until 5:30, drove to Chemung Speedrome, shot until 11:00 PM, got up at 5 and left at 7 AM for Philadelphia to do a shoot at the Simeone Museum, got home 10 minutes ago, and read your post.

Just so everyone understands what this is about, Mr Fitzsimmons asked me to put the Chemung and Shangri-La video of the Midstate Antique races on one DVD so that he only has to buy one DVD.  That entails about 3 hours of edit suite time, and I'm doing it for free.  Or should I say, to sell ONE $15.00 video.

I'm going to spend the next 2 hours getting the Shangri-La DVDs ready for tomorrow, get up, go to church, and spend the rest of the day tomorrow at Shangri-La 2.  When I get home I'm going to put a steak on my grill and forget all about videos..

Monday I will go to the post office, mail your check, which is still in the unopened envelope it came in, back to you and not have to tie up an edit suite making your custom video.

As for phone numbers, the Verizon number (607-770-8850) and the toll-free number that was associated with it (866-RACE680) have been obsolete for 3 years.

My toll free number is 888-787-RACE (7223) and YES, the voicemail says Technology For Industry. That is because my business, Technology For Industry, pays for all this racing stuff that I do. Believe it or not, the 5 DVDs that we sell each week (Chemung and SL2 combined) really don't pay the bills.  I only do this to give credit to the teams that bust their arses every week to go race, and get near zero coverage anywhere else.

But I guess I'm doing something right, because The Race Report is moving to PRIME TIME next month.

So here you go...

888-787-RACE (7223)
607-727-9399  mobile
Sheesh, I think it would be more fun calling a suicide hotline than giving Mr. Race Report a ring. :eek:

I don't have that phone number, but call away!  Try 411.

I've had it with people who want things done for free and expect me to drop everything and do it at the click of their finger.

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Gee whiz, Ron. I'm not sure what I did to set you off. For the record, when we spoke on the phone, it was you who offered to combine the 2 races on one DVD. Frankly, I would never ask that anyone do that as a favor to me, but I appreciated the offer at the time....still do, actually. The reason I was trying to reach you was merely to make sure that you had received my check. Now that I know you did, there is certainly no reason to return it to me. You said it might take awhile to get to the editing, and I understood that from when we talked. Again, I appreciated your offer to do that. I told you then I was not in a big hurry and I'm still not now.  Yes, the recorded message on your 888 # confused me, so thanks for clearing that up. Makes sense, now that you've explained it. So to sum up, there's no need to return my check. Take all the time you need and please accept my apology for going public in my attempt to reach you.  In hindsight, I should have just let my VM, which I did leave on your 888 #, do the trick and not posted anything on RaceNY. This misunderstanding of my intent kinda reminds me why I don't use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.  It's so easy for things to be misconstrued. For sure, I won't post anything more on this topic here, as too much has been posted already. Feel free to call me (585-349-8198), if you want to talk further. Meanwhile, as I said, no need to return the check. If what I sent is not enough to cover your time, please let me know and I'll make it right.
Thank You Ron for everything you do for our sport.    The small amount of us fans @ Chemung and Shangri-La II that buy your videos, appreciate it a ton!
    I for one, I can't make it to all the races.  Your effort taking the videos and editing time is appreciated very much!!!!        $15.00 a video for a life time of memories.        Thank You again for what you do for us Ron!!!!


8oo-273-talk is the # for the suicide hotline. for real. last time i called they put me on hold for 20 minutes, then came back on the line to say " we've talked it over and we think you are doing the right thing".  :)


How can anyone expect to be able to reach someone RIGHT NOW, exactly when the WANT it to happen? Or decide how much time there should be after leaving a message?  It is plainly obvious to me that Mr. Hills does much for our sport, especially for the "little guy"; during one of our many conversations, he once said:  "I try to focus on the drivers who race every week but don't garner the attention they deserve for all their hard work they put into racing!"  He's on YOUR side, guys! So what if he does not get back to you EXACTLY when you want him to do so...His video work up to now has been a "labor of love"; It's good to hear he may FINALLY get to be rewarded for the HARD, dedicated work he has done thus far.  Professional video production takes more time than you'd might think (I have tried it more than once as a hobby and my "project" SUCKED) and I certainly have more time to spend on stuff than most!  If he could teach me 33% of what he knows, maybe I could take some of the load off his hands--but I highly doubt it!!!


Wow!  Sounds like a super big misunderstanding took place here.

Mr. Report does a great job capturing video and reporting action from our local racetracks and surely has one of the busiest schedules this time of year.  We need to cut him some slack.  While quite humorous, the comment that, "... it would be more fun calling a suicide hotline than giving Mr. Race Report a ring." was on the edge.

Hopefully Mr. Report is having a better week and he doesn't end up on the streets of San Diego like the Kony Videographer, Jason Russell.

Did Danica race at Indy yesterday?

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."


The Race Report said:
Sheesh, I think it would be more fun calling a suicide hotline than giving Mr. Race Report a ring. :eek:

I don't have that phone number, but call away!  Try 411.

I've had it with people who want things done for free and expect me to drop everything and do it at the click of their finger.

Dayum Ron.....these people you are belittling are the same people that may or may not choose to watch The Race Report.
Perhaps you should have dropped an e-mail back in the direction of Mr. Fitzsimmons instead of coming on here and making
yourself look like an azz in front of the audience you hope continues to be the audience.
This is my opinion....take it or leave it, the choice is yours.  ;)