ROC race @ Chemung 8/9/14 Video?

Has anybody got there video of the race at Chemung 8/9/2014 yet.    I paid for a copy the day of the race in the pits, as a couple of people from 5 mile point were taking pre race orders for the video of that nights racing.  $20.00 and they said the videos would be mailed out the next Wednesday.  I haven't received my copy yet.  Has anybody else got there's?    I think they said they regularly video taped at the 5 mile point race track.    Whats up with this?????????
Somebody has to know who the people are that took our $20.00?    They told me that they video tape at 5 mile point weekly.  So, what are the names of the people that video at 5 mile point?  Anybody bought videos at 5 mile point?   
Are we rolling over and playing dead on this subject?  Come on you guys,  I want my video.


Champion is the addy on a disc i have from them. phone # on disc cover is nine o8 four15 five 423 also has an addy at the same if you put an s on video making it videos@ and leave off the w's .
i know the videos from the past weeks haven't been available yet either. good luck. hope this helps.
I got in touch with Jim doing the editing of the Chemung ROC video.  He has 5 names and addresses of people that have prepaid-ed  for videos.  He also mentioned about the problems and small set backs he has had.  So,  the video is still in the works, and should be ready sometime next week. 
        Jim's number is (908) 415-5423 if anybody would like to order a copy?