Just an observation:  I was surprised and disappointed to see all the empty seats at RIR last evening. I was on the waiting list for RIR tickets for 2 or 3 yrs before I ever got to go in 2005. Last night it looked like half the seats on the back straight were empty, even into turns 3 and 4. Should be a wake up call for NASCAR. When so many seats go empty at a venue like RIR, no wonder we have so many short tracks going under.


I think there will be even less next year. I watched the over night edited re-broadcast last night and kept thinking to myself that if the re-air is this dull, how boring was the parts they cut out. There might be 2 or 3 teams that might have to do any body work on their cars, and those were minor. Everyone is points racing now. Guys accepting 10th place finishes because " we dont want to lose too much going into the "chase"". Where did the RACERS go? Then Hamlin taking the lead around half way and almost stopping on the front stretch to let Bowyer go by for the lead. I would be interested to hear what a legend like Buzzie R honestly thinks of that stuff. I'll watch anything racing but its getting real hard to watch these guys anymore. I never liked road courses but they really are the best races for these cars lately


The best race on tv last night was the Knoxville Nationals.If you get a chance check it out,you will not be disappointed.


The cars are terrible since the beginning. Now they're gonna wreck another race series called Nationwide with new crappy cars. If you want to see what was good about any of races from Nascrap, just watch the high lights later.