Shame on you Ransomville for doing victory lane interviews ,which ultimately caused the shortening of the sportsman and cancelling of the mod features.Everybody there knew rain was imminent ,can't believe you couldn't see it coming!Make up feature doesn't mean squat to fans that can't come back next week!!
Hats off to Ransomville for even trying to run the program Friday night. Most tracks would have thrown in the towel in early Friday morning. Victory lane interviews were combined and the show moved along as quickly as humanly possible. Street Stock victory lane was held while the outside groove was doctored to keep dust down for the fans. Had the rains not come the complete show would have been completed in far less than 3 hours, which is extremely efficient.


Dust wasn't even a factor as the wind was blowing away from the stands,maybe too many 4 Banger classes on the same night also contributed to the cancelling of the Mod feature.Did they really need to have an intermission? Crowd was kinda small so i dont think concession sales would have been all that much better.JMO


Anyone who went Friday should have expected a shortened show based on the forecast. I don't think they wanted a repeat of a couple seasons ago. Send the mods out, and then a downpoor which wrecked the entire field. The show normally gets done around 10, ther were 7 to go in the spt. feature at around 9:30... Ahead of schedule. Initially I was b!tching also. They made the right call. See you Friday.


IF one believes fans are the most important entity at the track (and undoubtedly they are), Victory Lane festivities should always be held.  I can just imagine the uproar caused by not having them, such as not affording the opportunity for a driver to celebrate a hard-earned win with family, teams and fans.  Now that the off-season is over, it looks like the same old yada-yada commences with such things as second guessing of a weather related decision, not enough payout, very little (if any) tech, alleged cheating and on and on.  Reading from the same playbook every year becomes tired and very rarely produces any desired outcome.

Venting (especially on this site) is rarely viewed as being positive...



after 40 + years of spectating and a couple as a car owner, I figure it's a crap shoot either way. They could have run the mod feature earlier in the program (something like Brewerton does regularly-second div) but may have not had enough bums in the stands (with the poor weather forecast) to pay the mod purse. Next week with two mod features, it should draw the fans out of the woodwork but therein lies the tempation. Up here in Ontario, one local track used to raise the admission price for a double feature in the top division, even though the extra feature was caused by weather the week before. Fans who supported the original show got no rain check or partial compensation as the old excuse "X number of races had been run so rain checks were null and void" was used by the promoter. That same track is begging for fans these days...............