Race New York, I need your help.


If I could thank each one of the people who has voted, shared, showed support, encouragement..... the list goes on and on. I would. But I have had so many people showing support in the PEAK Antifreeze & Motor Oil ?#?PEAKscd? that would be impossible. Thank you all SO SO much!
I received an email earlier today that Peak was going to review all the votes and release the official top 5 in fan votes some time in the next few days.
I want to say that regardless of what they decide, I have enjoyed all the words of encouragement and amount of love shown by my Friends and Family.
Those of you that know me personally know that regardless of the final decision, you can count on me to add action to any Weekend show I am involved in!
I will say this concerning the final outcome. I will not let it change my drive and dedication to the sport. I will also remember that sportsmanship is also a huge part of what makes going to the track fun. If there was points awarded for sportsmanship, I am not afraid to say that more than 1 of the top 10 would score pretty low.
So again, THANK YOU ALL and get in those final 5 votes! We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Jim, I seriously hope that a LOT of review of the voting takes place, and you wind up getting a spot in the top 5. It appears to me that a lot of "pokery-jiggery", as one of my old friends, used to say, occurred. It boggles my mind that some of the contestants would chug along, getting 6-800 votes a day, every day, then suddenly jump by 6-8000 votes in a single day. Something wasn't exactly kosher....