Potrzbowski, comes to WCIS for practice, but leaves a WINNER


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Potrzbowski, comes to WCIS for practice, but leaves a WINNER

by Dan Turner (Track Announcer)

      TJ Potrzebowski showed up to the Blacktop Bullring to get some practice for the upcoming Labor Day weekend race as well as the $10,000 to win American 100 September 8th and 9th.  It started out as any normal night in Perry NY.  As the racing season winds down a few invaders show up to get their base line on a set up for the tricky 1/3 mile speedway.    This was Potrzbowski?s teams plan, but as the night wore on it was looking like they had a car capable of winner the Main Event.  After a solid second in his heat to winner Wayne Baker. The 72 team made some adjustments to get their car ready for the 30 lap feature.  Starting back in the 12th starting position, TJ found that the low groove was not as fast as the second and third groove.  With his new found knowledge Potrzbowski point his #72 to the front and they were on their way.  Using the inside and outside lane effectively and managing the cautions, the 72 was out front by lap 22.  A few restarts, and a few challenges, from Wayne Baker, but TJ was not to be denied.  ? It?s been a few years since we won a race here, and this track seemed easier to win at 10 or 15 years ago, but then again I?m getting older and competition has definitely stepped up?.

Heat wins: Todd Lorenzo, Cam Ayers, Wayne Baker

    Well the largest field so far in 2016, with 9 super stocks and they put on a show.  It may sound funny but in this class about half or more are battling for the win each and every week.    Last night the entire field of Super Stocks saw red.  No, not mad or angry, It?s the color of the trunk lid on the M&M photos, TW Motorsports #4.  On a usual night we would watch the 11k of Dave Krawzcyk march to the front and many times collect a win, but not tonight.  Tonight was the #4, Joe Horvatits night.  ?The car was on a rail, thanks to the crew that finally got the chassis dialed in?.

Heat win: Joe Horvatits

    The 4 cylinder class was like all the larger car class with its surprise winner.  Picking up his first ever feature win, Jason Pierce.  With the track handi capping the line-ups, this put Pierce on the front row.  Drop the green and Pierce shot into the lead then started putting distance on the rest of the field.  2016 power house cars of Maddie Virts and Jimmie Pierce Jr started 7th and 8th.  A few cautions later and some mighty stiff competition in the form of Bolton, Virts and Gustafson.  The Parthemer race team #5 was strong and smooth in the closing laps to collect his first feature of his career.

Heat win: Jason Pierce, Jacob Gustafson

Race Results

        4 Cylinder      #                      Super Stock    #                      SST                #
1      Jason Pierce    5              1      Joe Horvatits  4              1      TJ Potrzebowski        72
2      Madalyn Virts  27              2      Cassie Logsdon  09              2      Wayne Baker            51
3      Jacob Gustafson 66              3      Daniel Majchrzak14              3      Allen Bookmiller        40
4      Jimmie Pierce  26              4      Dakota Packman  2              4      Rick Knapp              11
5      Carrie Bolton  6              5      Mike Chenaille  20              5      Beth Dennie            25
6      Jennifer Dennie 22              6      Kyle Skoney    55              6      Bill Kosachook          7
7      John Parthemer  95              7      Eric Hastreiter 47              7      Todd Lorenzo            1 L
8      Paul Flye      94              8      Kevin Bastedo  23              8      Scott Stolzenberg      33
9      Jody London    89              9      Dave Krawczyk  11              9      Jay Withey Jr          29
10      Lee Krieb      77                                                    10      Tom Alloco              6
11      Matt Hurlburt  88                                                    11      Travis Spalding        C 1X
12      Robert Cassidy  16                                                    12      Daniel Majchrzak        14
13      Tim Hatfield    43                                                    13      Steve Fuchs              4
                                                                              14      Tom Zacharias          55
                                                                              15      Cam Ayres              Cam 1
                                                                              16      Tom Weist              35
                                                                              17      Tim Lewis              41
                                                                              18      Tim Garlock            88
                                                                              19      Nathan Michielsen      68
                                                                              20      Patti Pruitt            8 DNS