Penn Yan Express Racing History with Dutch Hoag

Shamrock 3x


Assuming the address above will work as a link, go to the website, and click on Penn Yan Express History.  Pages 9-11 are great reading and give a lot of interesting info on their racing years (1953-1955) with Dutch Hoag as their primary driver.  The tale of Frankie Schneider towing the car to FL, and his exploits along the way is priceless! 
Thanks for the link. My Dad drove for PYE from the mid 60's through the mid 70's. He also knows Dutch. I'm sure he will enjoy flipping through this..
Ron Hinson, the guy who put together the entire package is looking for any / all old photos, movies, documentation to be used for  He is most interested in Monroe Cty and  Langhorne history.  If anybody has any leads, please contact me and I will connect the leads to Hinson.  This could be really good!

Thank you,

Gary Montgomery