One Wicked Run, check out this ride


Holy crap, imagine the G-forces in that thing, turn your brain into scrambled eggs tossing them back and forth like that! That's pretty neat!


Speed TV's Lucas Oil "On the Edge" had or has these things on once in a while. Sometimes they don't always stay on course!  :eek:
Much like Pro Rally, the passenger (navigator) is in charge of the course info. It's definately a team sport as the driver has to react immediately to simple commands over his head set for turns. The amazing turns are accomplished with minimal steering wheel movement, and I suspect a little throttle control, like dirt sprint cars... AWESOME machines and driving!!! Check out some of the additonal videos on this web site... especially the "in-boat" cam.


Racing Genius
Oh, to get the race car to turn like that....dare to dream. Flip through the photo gallery to see the roll bars in use. Yikes!!

You time we have one of those torrential downpours and the infield at Dunn Tire floods........hmmmm


Bonnie Joly...Naples Florida. used to run SWAMP BUGGYS, used to be on TV with Army Armstrong...before his pasing. You should have seen those things go!! Now her Daughter runs one of those MONSTER TRUCKS...following in her Moms footsteps!!


Sprint cup boys wouldnt be able to say that thing dont turn lol