oldies but goodies

blackjackracing said:
heres one from 1984...says from Rolling Wheels...Dave Lukoski Photos...main subjects are easy. How about the dudes behind Jumpin' Jack
John Birosh is the 9j to the inside of Jack (wonder how I knew that one ;D), Charlie Rudolph in the 72R, Danny Rizzardo in the red 99, Steve Paine in the 7x behind Rudolph, 20 of Brett Hearn next to him, then the 14j of Alan Johnson next to Brett.  The 27j of Danny Johnson is 2 cars behind Paine, but I can't tell who's between them, maybe Charlie Castle?  Merv Treichler is behind Alan, and that's the last one I can make out.
WOW Greg...you have phenomenal eye sight!....Heres one from 1981...The photographer wasn't credited..maybe mark can help with that.


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Didn't see the "jimmy horton jpeg" under the photo. ;D
Walt Mitchell in the 24...one of my all time favorite drivers. The car on the outside was listed as Jan Oakes (I think...hard to decipher) I have to work better on hiding the driver info (LOL)...here's another one... from 1976. once again no mention of photographer


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Right On DW...by the way...When I was a youngster and pulled for Walt Mitchell at Weedsport I also used to root for this light blue gremlin bodied modified...I think it was #2
Another photo from 1984...photos by Dave Lukowski


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this one is from 1976...once again no photographer credited (maybe someone could shed soome light)


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The 1976 cover has Kenny Coon in the302 and the sprinters are Bobby Allen in the 1a and Steve Smith in the 19.
The one is Tommy Corellis and Carl Reynolds. 
That was 2x, last winter we had a pretty good oldies going, Dale has quite a few of the old pictures and we are cleaning out our mothers trailer and some old programs are coming our way so when the season winds down I'm sure we'll be able to get some more oldies out here.