New Speedway being built in Waterloo,N.Y.?


I read in Area Auto Racing News that a new track is being built in Waterloo and will be called Seneca Speedway.I dont know if it will be dirt or asphalt or ant other details such as size of the track.   


BOZO6106 said:
Race NY sure is dead these days. Does this website have the COVID-19?

It's been a tough year, especially since the Governor decided to kill of racing for the season, and hopefully it's just one season..........

With no racing going on, what's to talk about?
It is the old Waterloo Kart track, an 1/8th mile. It has been being cleaned up for motorcycle and ATV use. Just stalled due to the Covid stuff. Empire Speedway is the property that Glenn Donnelly was planning to build his new CNYRP on. Sadly any remains of the old track was bulldozed under in the initial excavation work that they started 5 years ago or so and is basically now a pond where the track sat. 


Geeez, I was thinkin with this old timers brain of mine and I think I remember something about  COMMO  was going to bail out Glenn's PIPE DREAM !