Neon Problems

I know you see neons on here alot here is the problems i have...

I raced friday night was down on power it was skipping, check engine like came on, we tested it..... The computer said cylinder 1 misfire we replace the injector before we went racing friday night.... The car does not smoke.... was thinking maybe the coil pack or maybe the wires.... anyone else have any suggestions?



more than likely the wires, especially if they have the long tube try replacing the plugs and wires. Or you can just look at all the wires, the wires that are bad will have what looks like spots of white on them, but don't wipe it off, those are arc marks and that wire will need replacing. 


Well it was weird because when I started it up the next day it runs fine. I believe it may have had to with the plug to the computer. (the clips were broken on 1 so I had it zip tied on) I'm probably going to put on a new plug this week. I'll probably also put some new wires on it too. I don't know if I helped you any but good luck with it.


Check the coil. They get real hot on neons. I had a few go bad on me 2 years ago when I had my neon.
i would check coil packs also.  My bonneville ran well this weekend until about 5 or 6 laps in when things started to heat up and then it started skipping hard.  I would pick power back up after a certain RPM range but it would do it consistantly.  Mine seemed to be a coil pack as we changed it and it ran fine the next time out.


I had this problem on my car. Change the plugs. There was some kind of short on the inside of the plug when this happened to me.