NBC Sports Gold / Trackpass — Worth It?


OK, so it's inexpensive — only $3.00 per month. Was just curious if it is all it is cracked up to be.

They're carrying the Whelen Modified Tour, ARCA, Pinty's Series (Canada) and selected short track events.

The Mods from Martinsville are on tonight.


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I think you get the Indycar series complete with Indy 500 qualifying and practice too. Even if you selectively choose months you can't lose.


Yes, I think it is worth it. For roughly the cost of one premium race at a local track you get the opportunity to see all of the Whelen Modified series races (there are others, of course, but my focus is the modifieds). Now, the coverage isn't outstanding; the commentators, for example, are often talking about action that the camera isn't showing), and they don't seem to have replays. But it is, in my opinion, worth $36.00 for the whole year.
It was especially useful in February because they showed a lot of New Symrna racing.


I have it. Like others have said it's not great coverage, but better than having to read about the race the next day. This is also the last year it will be offered.


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For reference, the NBC Gold Pass is being phased out in 2021...so you can still get it for the rest of the year. As for 2022, NBC is moving all Gold Pass content to the new NBC Peacock Streaming service, which is $4.99 a month.

I'd love to see the old Speedvison resurface as a streaming service. That I'd pay for.