Just got off and noticed that they had 91 commercials listed--that's almost half the
coverage of the race---and they want to know why people "R" giving up on them--and then
they used "Brad" Doherty as a commentator when he could not even play basketball---
I give up on the TV coverage of once my favorite sport----more  talking--more commercials---
AND LESS COVERAGE----------------I GIVE UP.................  jmo


Here is the breakdown of commercials and times they can always be found on

Race and Commercial Breakdown of the 2011 Good Sam RV Insurance 500

Total number of commercials: 91

Total number of companies or entities advertised: 65

Total number of brief promos of products/services during the race broadcast: 28

Total number of companies or entities advertised in brief promos or crawlers: 10 (companies: AT&T ?Fastest Pit Crew of the Year Award ? text to 234567?; Sprint;; Sprint Summer Showdown ; Sprint htcEVO3d; Craftsman; Habitat for Humanity ; ; DirecTV ?NASCAR Head2Head KnockOut? ; Baseball on ESPN;

Total amount of time these brief promos take during broadcast: app. 3 min. 10 sec.

Also, there are the following race statistics during the broadcast, sponsored by companies:

Sprint ?Summer Showdown Countdown to Green?
NASCAR on ESPN ?Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup?
Sprint ?Summer Showdown Starting Grid?
NASCAR on ESPN ?In-Race Reporter? ?Mailbag Question?
NASCAR on ESPN ?Over-the-Wall Reporter?
Gillette Fusion ProGlide ?Profile?
GoodYear ?Track Facts?
GoodYear ?On Board?
GoDaddy ?On Board?
NAPA ?On Board?
NASCAR on ESPN ?Race Off Pit Road?
Ford ?On Board?
Shell-Pennzoil ?On Board?
NASCAR on ESPN ?Motorsports Schedule?
AT&T ?Fastest Pit Crew of the Year Award?
AT&T ?Fastest Pit Crew of the Year Standings?
AT&T ?Fastest Pit Crew of the Year Report?
NASCAR on ESPN ?Pit Crew Comparison?
Lowes ?On Board?
ESPN/Craftsman ?Tech Garage?
NASCAR on ESPN ?Race Summary?
NASCAR on ESPN ?Up-to-Speed?
Aaron?s ?Lucky Dog Free Pass?
McDonald?s ?Race Rundown?
American Ethanol ?Green Flag Restart?
NASCAR on ESPN ?Biggest Movers Since Restart?
AMP/NG ?On Board?
NASCAR on ESPN ?MPH at the Line?
Lowes ?On Board?

Start time to record race/commercial periods: 12:55 PM
End time due to rain delay: 3:19 PM
Restart time: 5:27 PM
End time to record race/commercial periods: 6:31 PM

Total minutes: 208

Minutes of race broadcast: 168
Minutes of commercials: 40

Number of missed restarts: 0
Number of ?mystery cautions? (debris not shown): 0
Number of male enhancement commercials: 1 Many NASCAR fans report to CawsnJaws they find these ads very offensive
Number of laps led by Denny Hamlin, as of Sunday?s race: 5,000 Congratulations, Denny!

You forgot how many times they showed the replay of the JJ, Kurt Busch altercation. :)    I think JJ better look at the replay before he opens his mouth next time. Pretty clear who started that one..


Never watch it live, DVR is the only way. Never see another commercial , fast forward over it. And if it's a snoozefest, watch the rest in 4x speed until I see smoke or pit stops. Whole race in 35 minutes!


  I agree DVR 4x is the way to go for Pocono, Indy and california too. I dont think Brad Dougherty is all that bad though. Watch an Indy lights race and listen to Willy T Ribbs. Brad will sound like the genius.


                                          OK, WE HEAR YOU
Yes, there are lots of commercials and sponsor spots to deal with and they can be very annoying.  On the other hand, I keep reading on this site of how promoters and racers need to go out and find sponsors to save racing.  NASCAR is the best at doing that.  We can't have it both ways.

Your best bet?  Go to the races LIVE and you won't have to watch a single commercial.


They put the racing on live and have commercials to help with the cost. They are a business and have a right to earn money on their product, in this case its showing live racing. I think Doughtery is very good and he fits in well with Rusty Wallace and puts his money where is heart is, into owning a race team.  jmo


I don't waste my time with NA$CAR. After 37 years, I can't be bothered to even turn the TV on to watch the trash.


I don't watch them live anymore either. I dvr them and look on jayski to see if the race is worth watching if it is I'll fast forward it to the good points.

Brad isn't too bad of a broadcaster he does love the sport. If he didn't why would he own a team? The broadcaster I can't stand is Michael waltrip. He cheerleads too much for NASCAR and his personal sponsors its just really annoying.