MOTORSPORTS 2010...............Anyone going????


I am; BUT would like to ride share with anyone  going? I will pay for gas and pick you up at place of your choosing; either friday to sat or just friday or sat? please leave me a message here or email. its about 120 miles one way to convention center from my house down Pa turnpike !  ;D
They had a good thing going in Atlantic City, so naturally they had to go and screw it all up.  I really enjoyed the show and indoor races together.  It made the lodging expense worth it too.  Now I'm not sure if I'm going to either event... definitely NOT going to the Motorsports show.  Stup!d stup!d move Mr. Sammons! 

Oh, and since I usually renew my AARN subscription at the show, maybe I'll just let that run out too and subscribe to the Gater at the Syracuse show in March.


It may be a bad decision for the fans attending this show,but for the companies displaying this is a much better deal.It was way to expensive to display in Atlantic City from the union having to set up your display of more than I think it was a 10x10 booth.I know alot of vendors stopped attending because of the cost.


Anyone on here going to have a booth?