From Mahoning FB page -

"The 2021 season and first race of the MVSHoFS is on Saturday,
April 3 with the Bill Teel Tribute. Next comes the Ward Crozier Tribute planned listed for Saturday, May 15. Race number three will be held on Saturday, June 16 featuring the Roger Heffelfinger Sr., Tribute. Next up is the Lorin Arthofer Sr., Tribute on Saturday, July 31. The finale will be held as part of the Hall of Fame Classic weekend on October 1-2, concluding on that Saturday with the Paul Bauscher Tribute."

I think they made a typo with the June 16 date, as that is not a Saturday. So, I'm guessing , maybe thats supposed to be June 19



Maybe I am reading it wrong, BUT it looks to me like they are ONLY having  1 (that is one) race  A MONTH... Well, that will give the teams PLENTY of time to prepare for the next show...  I know, probably I am missing something here, let me have it, I can take it ...
i could be wrong but i don't think that would be true. They haven't released their entire schedule yet.

They usually run every Saturday, but just like last year, they scheduled a group of extra distance/ extra money races to honor some drivers from the past



Knew there was something I missed, these were just special dedicated races, full schedule still to come...  That sounds better...