LNS VS Oswego Sat 13th


Love to go to Oswego but I'm not paying 50 dollars to camp overnight. Taking my money to Fulton or Lancaster parking lot camping is free


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When we used to go to Rockingham Speedway, campers, motorhomes, etc, were charged $40 total from Thursday to Sunday.


BigFeet13 said:
Looking at the forecast, neither.

I wholeheartedly agree...it seems like Mother Nature is the only one attending racing events this season, so far!


Pretending for a moment that weather is not an issue its a tough one but I would say Oswego. It seems this is not a very popular opinion of late but I actually like the mods and supermods on the same card. I hope the mods will be able to find the outside groove again like in the past. Its been really difficult out there for them recently. Perhaps continuing with the track syrup experiment will eventually be rewarding? Barnes drove from last to first in the last event of the season last year with the syrup in the outside groove.


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To Oswego to crew

if it rains boo hoo.

as to what it's going to do

I wish I knew?

( if Sat is a rain out maybe I'll stay home and work on my poetry.)  ::)
Alright what's going on with the ROC mods something happened between Lancaster and the oswego race hossfeld not going to race a sportsman at Lancaster when there's a mod race at the big O and only 14 mods show up somethings up what's going on?????
Something may be up but the racing on that track has been and will be horrible until a repave or partial in corners racing not good for 6+ years