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Here ya go Country Dave

June 7th- The big Mods are here with a ROC 75 lap race; Sportmods, street stock twin 25s, 4 cylinders, and the Midstate Vintage Stock Cars like the old days; Mac Meyers Memorial Race!; Back gate opens at 3PM and front gates open at 5PM; Adults are $28, kids 7 to 14 are $10 and kids 7 and under are FREE.
I'm guessing the 28.00 is a typo? I was at Oswego for Roc Mods Super Mods and Limiteds and it was 25.00 for adults. 28.00 can't be right.


$28.00 to get in? I hope that's a typo too.

I plan on being there Saturday, but will change my plans if admission price is that high.

Simple Man

NO typo, your at the big "R"
Hot dog , fry, and a beverage (including can beer) was $6.75 at Oswego.
Lancaster???, and wait in a 1/2 hour line.


And that $28 will give you a sportsman feature with a very small field as any team worth watching will be at the Bud 100 at Holland that night.


The show Saturday if they get at least 20 ROC Modifieds is worth $20.00 admission at best, i'd love to go but heck, last year I paid $30.00 to get into the Indy 500 I sure as heck ain't going to pay $28.00 at Lancaster.

Looks like i'll be going to Ransomville Friday and Saturday will be last minute decision between Raceway 5, Holland or just stay home and go to Merrittville.

Anyone that goes to Lancaster on Saturday, I hope it turns out to be a great show for you.


My two cents worth.

ISMA winged Supers and SBS  at Oswego Saturday night.

$25  kids under 16 free.

That's where I'm going.

See,  if Shoe2 can better his  14.9  lap record.



You would think they would lower the price to get a big crowd. No instead they increase it to scare people away.Then Ralph will blame it on fans for not coming out. Twice the crowd at $20 is better than half the crowd at $28. business 101.


A $20 admission,like SLII or CHemung builds a foundation for future racing. $28  for what will be there is nothing more than a cash grab.


I could see him delaying and delaying to get as many people in the stands and pits and  then 30 minutes after the original start time tell the 75-100 fans left in the stands that the show is canceled due to the "weather" when there isn't a rain cloud in site....and then sitting in the office cracking jokes and smiling as those who stayed demand refunds leave disgruntled vowing to never come back again.....

.....what am I thinking....He'd never do anything like that. ......


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Elegant Builders Raceway

Ok I want this Sat Mod race to be a big one we need pleople in the stands. so its only going to be $22.00 to see the best racing . this is not a fishbowl track this is a fast race track and the Mods put on the best show. you get to see the best of the best drivers so come out and see some good fast racing with the Mighty Mods .


Good change to lower the front gate admission to $22 & 75 green flag laps for the Mods...And the Midstate Vintage Cars add to the program..If you like the Modifieds, you gotta be there..They put on some great racing at Lancaster..And now you can afford that beer..