Lancaster ROC (Well done!)

Shamrock 3x

I'm not sure exactly who (Lancaster staff or ROC staff) to give credit to, but my wife and I had a GREAT experience last night at Lancaster. Let me give some specifics:

Weather was perfect, and maybe that's the one thing out of their control, BUT....I'm giving them credit for that too!

Admission price....$20 seemed just right. Fair price & a good value. Others must have thought the same, as the stands were really packed!

Facility improvements....What a change from the last time I was there!  All those new planks in the bleachers, the spiffed up bathrooms (even my wife mentioned how clean they were), major sections of the track re-paved. The only suggestion I could make, and I'm sure it's in the works, is to add a lap counter....NOT a complaint, but it would be a welcome addition.

The concessions.....LOTS of food choices, tasty, and at reasonable prices (are you listening Buffalo Bills Mgmt.?).  My wife's pulled pork sammy at $6 had a lot of meat and looked good. She confirmed that it was. And seriously....a double cheeseburger (with good sized burgers too) for $5.50 on a better than average bun??  How can you beat that? It was delicious too!  $4 for a 20 oz. draft beer was cool and the ladies pouring were cheerful and friendly. Add in the "beer guy" coming through the stands, when you didn't want to risk missing the action by leaving your seat, and they had all the bases covered.

The tempo of the show....The good weather and lack of major cautions helped, BUT....the folks running the show did a fantastic job. Started on time, kept things moving along nicely, had a relatively short intermission and had us on our way by @10:30. It was refreshing not to find anything to complain about, on this topic. Great job!

The racing.....Well, it's always been a pretty "racey" place, but even that seemed to have been upped a notch last night. All the classes put on good shows and were able to utilize 2 or more grooves, but the MOD race was fantastic!  110 laps was just right (well, Andy J. might have preferred 112). All kinds of pit strategies were used and really good hard, clean racing! So nice to be at a place where you don't have follow the leader racing. And even if you don't happen to be a fan (but I AM!) of Andy J., who WASN'T watching him make that bonzai charge through the pack after his late race pit stop??  My wife, who is casual fan, at BEST....could not stop jumping up and down, pounding on my back, and screaming in my ears for the last 10 laps! I've been practically begging her to come with me for years, and now I think the next time might not be as hard a sell. Emerling and Hossfeld both had alternative (pit earlier) strategies, and both drove great races, but man.....if the race had only been a lap or two longer, methinks the results just might have been different. What a race!

Overall.....I give the overall experience a 9.9 out of 10 (do everything the same next time AND add a lap counter and it'll be 10/10).  THANK YOU to all who contributed to our very positive day at the races!

Bill & Jill


Well said, Bill.  Just my second trip there and what a huge difference.  Glad Jill was enjoying herself and, of all the people gathered in the grandstand, I'm so glad I saw you two!  I know Andy wants to win that one, and I was among those who truly wished for just a couple more laps!  Great job, Lancaster!


same here-my wife who is a casual fan at best was really into it the last half of the race. Worth the gawd awful traffic we experienced from Burlington Ont. (the curse of living in the "Golden Horseshoe" at the west end of Lake Ontario). Must be a lot of contractors running behind as I couldn't believe the number of paving jobs going on for a weekend (even after we detoured the back way by Port Colborne Ont).  Made it home much faster via Grand Island and Lewiston but one of the Northern Grand Island Bridges was shut down for paving meaning all traffic had to share the remaining (normally Northbound bridge). Back up for about two miles in the Buffalo bound lanes by my observation. But the race made it worth while and just have to plan to leave earlier next time. Just seems that construction is a major "spanner in the works" for any racefan wanting to travel,


Any results?


Ditto also to shamrock.  My second trip this year. My wife came this time and and was also impressed with the changes. The biggie for her is that the show moves along. We will be back for the US Open!
Just food for thought. After that tracks performance. I'd think that they should be purposing running the Race off champions weekend there. Chumung is going to be interesting but as far as camping space & pit sizes. Lancaster wins hands down. Management get on it soon please!!


retired hamburger said:
Just food for thought. After that tracks performance. I'd think that they should be purposing running the Race off champions weekend there. Chumung is going to be interesting but as far as camping space & pit sizes. Lancaster wins hands down. Management get on it soon please!!

Don't need the ROC at lancaster for the season ending race that's what the US open is for.
It was a great show on track and by the track.

After a terrible experience at Holland; it was refreshing to have only the 4 cyl. & street stocks on the under card - ROC features take time to run and it was great to see a fun show and not have to sit there sweating a curfew or getting home at midnight.  Sometimes less is more!  Holland - rethink your ROC show and it'll be better for the fans!


I brought my dad to Lancaster Saturday night and we had a great time.  We decided to buy pit passes so I could introduce him to some of my friends.  Everyone was very welcoming and we had a good time chatting with Bobby Holmes, Chris Risdale and Paul Hartwig.  We watched the first round of practice from the pits and then moved over to the grandstand.  The racing was excellent with a thrilling finish, the crowd was huge and the concessions were good and reasonably priced.  I'm also impressed by the improvements made to the track and the grandstand. 

I want to thank everyone Jeff and Dave for saving seats for dad and me.  Also thanks to the drivers, crews, track crew and everyone else involved for a great father and son evening.

WOW, you people don't get out much.

I can understand it from Laminate, because he smacked his head good on the inside of a windshield. And as of yet, not fully recovered.




Hoosierazzhole, why in the world would you feel the need to chime in on this thread with your childish bullshizit. We finally have a promotor here in NY that gets it and is improving a track and putting on a good show. Those of us that were actually there (hint,hint, not you) posted here to give a pat on the back and let them know we will continue to
support their efforts. For what purpose did you post your childish nonsense?                                           


Smh, I'm starting too think hoosiertampon thinks just because he's miserable, everyone else has to be also. On that note still can't wait for the open!!!!


Racing Genius
Wow..What an honor.....To have my name in lights 

Let's examine rinky-dink......  ( looked who chimed in with his brilliance over on a favorite CT web site)

Jim McG. says:
August 13, 2015 at 4:21 pm
Coby, you can always come over to the Empire State and run with the ROC, they would welcome your rinky-dink antics (you?d fit right in). You just haven?t changed over the years. Why they put you in that car, alot of us will never know.

No Ronald a lot ( two words) of us know why Coby is in the 2.  HE WON THE TITLE LAST YEAR ON "YOUR" TOUR you dolt.

( A schooling soon followed)

Just A Fan says:
August 13, 2015 at 4:38 pm
Yeah why did they put Coby in the 2 car ? won the championship last year ? 4 wins so far this year ? drives as clean as anyone on tour (including his pass on Pitkat which was not his finest moment), and acts & speaks as a professional with class ? why did they put him in that car?

Richard says:
August 13, 2015 at 7:42 pm
Hey jim McG he does alot better in that then car todd did the man can drive better than most of them out on the track.Look what he did in the 52 afew years ago he is atop shoe out there

Summer school isn't much fun is it Hooosey?    As always thank you for thinking of me....... keeps you out of the adult bookstores ( i hope).