Lancaster results. ?

DaveTheDude said:
Pro Tip: You get the results quicker if you go to the race...



Pro tip if you work at a track you should not make smart ass remarks. Sorry Dave I could not make it Sat. Real tracks have results 5 min. After the race is over on race moniter. Just saying .


Racing Genius
Sumpin about RaceNY I dunno. Jeff and Dave I sorta know a little in real life. They are both good guys but then when they get here
the prickly stuff comes out. ( sometimes). Is this site poisonous or is it just the way humans carry on with each other on the Internet?

Blame it on Algore. He's the one who invented it. 

You two behave now. Leave the chicksheet to the professionals.  UM and HD1  ;D ;D ;)