Lake Erie ?


I wonder who the new clown is making the rules . First no reentry now no tailgating . FYI trying to make people to buy your alcohol and food and no reentry could backfire . You don’t get the greatest crowd to begin with . At the ROC sportman race I heard alot of people saying they wouldn’t be going back with no reentry . Now no tailgating . At least 50 percent of your crowd comes from Buffalo area . We love tailgating . Great facility but no way to run a race track . Maybe a prison .


Does this mean that the rest of the ROC tour is going to be plagued with this "lack of tires" situation, too? Other tracks seem to be running races, which means that their competitors are getting tires, so is this just a ROC tour situation, or an asphalt modified kind of thing?

And, does it mean that the remainder of the Tour's races are also in jeopardy? If so, it appears that this could be the final nail in the coffin for the mighty modifieds.....