Let's spend a little positive energy here. Not a results story or anything like that but a hearty "job well done" to 5 Mile Point Speedway. With all the hit and miss weather in the area including a heavy duty downpour at 4:00 pm and intermittent raindrops throughout the evening, they kept it going got it all in at the tick of the curfew. On top of all that the Modifieds went flag to flag on what looked to me like a "very good" race track with a very minimal amount of dust. I'm sure there will be critics out there (there always seem to be, don't there) will have something negative to say but it was a good show that easily could have not happened at all. Good job!
Great time and well done, and it was FREE! Its nice to go to a race track that seems to be TRYING to race! If there was a night to call it quits this would of been it, but they didnt. Not a dirt track kinda guy, but had a blast!


the point has gotten in the shows on way worse nights than last night. the track looked awesome when the mods hit it and ran straight through their feature. you will always hear negative and positive, but this time i am positive there is no negative. we got to race!  :)


The track was awesome last nite.  It has been for the last month.  My tires still have 90% of the grinder marks on them, and I bent the throttle stop.


the fresh paint on the walls and the lettering on the backstretch stood out pretty well and the lack of litter about the grounds was noticed by the folks i sat near after our races were run. i think they will be back again.  :)


Track crew was awesome! KUDOS to FMP!!!!!!!