July 1st NYSS - Adirondack Weather/Race Update


July 1st 2017
Adirondack International Speedway
Race / Weather Up Date
8:30 am

For the past 2 hours we have been watching the radar.  I had 3 different hourly weather channels up.  I?m not a meteorologist.  But I?m a racer.  What I see is the rain coming through and ending afternoon some time.  After that looks clear.  As a wise old racer told me long ago ?Run the sonn? bitch?.  So get your cars loaded.  Don?t get the driver loaded till after the race tho? Pit gates will be open at 1pm.  There is not a curfew so even if we get delayed a hour or two we can race.  We?ll get the track dried out.  If for some reason we get in heats and can?t get the race in tonight, we will finish early afternoon on Sunday.  This year the rain is working against us racers.  And it?s time we fight back.  See every there.  PS Jody is bringing cake & beer