Jeremie Corcoran interview



From his take on Super dirt week, dropping DIRT sanction to do his own thing at CMP, Taking up part ownership with the GRIT series, running the trade show and bringing back the auction next year at Syracuse, among other events this winter, To laying out some very personal dealings from his life, I know I have a totally different perspective of this man, maybe some of you will too if you take a half hour and listen to this interview.


Thanks for posting this!

He has gone through a lot, for sure, and he's not looking for pity or forgiveness, but to give peole a better understanding of Jeremie Corcoran. I was shocked when he announced that teh 305 class would still be at CMP, because he has had a lot of adversity with sprint car teams and incidents (even though people forget about Mark Flach rolling in Turn 1 and also having a career ending injury in a modified).

Not sure what this means for the Phelps Cement team, but certainly Jeremie deserves some credit for coming clean.