I need help with a Street Stock set-up

So, why cann't I race in high gear? I raced all of last season in high gear with no problems. I gain about 2lbs in the RF,LR,and RR and nothing in the LF.
O.k everyone thanks for all the help. This is what I'm going to do,  put four new Afco shocks- 1021 LF, 1021 RF, 1035 LR, 1030 RR. Springs- 900 LF, 1100 RF, 225 LR, 175 RR. Air pressure- 12 LF, 15 RF, 10 LR, 11 RR. And ones i get the handling better I will change to 3.73 gears.
set rf at 14 lb  900 rf spring check rf shock for bind use afco 1022 set rr at12 lb 200 spring afco 1094 shock lr 10 lb 1094 shock 225 lb spring lf 800 spring1020 shock10 lb air pressure shut off rf brake most rear weight to left side should help entry if loose off add rf spring rate
I don't know yet. I will find out this Friday. I hope ;D. I'm still waiting for the front spring and shocks to show up. And I will let you know.


what class and car type are you racing?


looking at your other post you might be running road tires? 28 to 32 in the front  15 18 rear?

racing tires 22 in front 12 14 rear?