how to tell year of troyer asphalt mod chassis?


OK< here's something i have not been able to tell too good. Other than the wide car narrow car thing. how can you tell, on a bare chassis, what year a troyer was made? I've seen some with an X in the foot box area, some with a bent left main cage bar and the rest are a sharp angle where they meet the dash bar, some that don't have that...
Is there a definitive guide to ID'ing a troyer chassis and front clip? we have a supposed 96 with a sweet rack adjustable lower c-arm clip, and dont know the exact year of the main cage, or what we can pick up to make a spare chassis.


Sometimes there is a number stamped on the interior Tin the pedal area. If you really want to know take some GOOD pictures of the chassis an E-Mail them to Bob at Troyer , he will give you the best conclusion to that question you want an answer for.