Here is our schedule for the 2020 season! Yes, it may look like a long season but we do not race in the rain so we expect to lose a few weekends because of the weather. The long schedule also allows families to take vacations and for our fellow racers to have a chance to be competitive at home while following the New York Karting Championship or any other series around.

Something new you might notice is that we are racing Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend this year! More plans are in the making for our Labor Day race. Also you might notice that we have our track configurations marked each week so you know what will be running that day. We will post what each configuration is with a map soon.

We also have 5 dates on the schedule for Vintage karts to come together and have some fun on a race day.

Mother's will be FREE on Mother's Day weekend!

Stay tuned for more information on our Annual Membership Meeting, Rookie School, our 2020 Rulebook, and any other updates for this season! If you have any questions in the meantime feel free to email us at GVKC60@gmail.com


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