Great article on speed 51 on Will Thomas


From Sidelines To Victory Lane In A Matter Of Days is the story. Check it out.


Aaron Creed's coverage of the northeast mods and the pro cup division has been great for the fans and the sport.  He is an excellent writer and works very hard for the coverage he gets.  Thanks Aaron.



Thanks bud, and thanks to everyone else for the well wishes.

....Believe me when I tell ya, this is less about us and everything to do with Will Thomas and a first class race team and the group of people who support Will. Will Thomas is a 100% dedicated racer, he lives to race and races to live. His support group, his wife Tammy, Dennis, Ryan, Len, Jeremy, and the motor guy(sorry, his name escapes me again) are behind Will 100%. Will is a champion racer who has won in everything he has ever driven, and now he can still say that after his win in only his 3rd start ever in an asphalt modified. It is an honor for the Roundman and I to be a small part of this race team.

....As far as the race goes, that was ALL Will Thomas and the Roundman. The car was far from perfect, around the 10th lap Will was sideways loose coming off of two.(I was looking for a hole to crawl in)....Will gathered it up and started dialing some front brake to it. Will, with the help of the spotter/coach learned how to drive that race car over the next 65 laps. In the end, the veteran driver had saved enough car(and used his home track advantage) to go to the front when some others were starting to fade.

....So when someone asks: "WHO on god's earth is Will Thomas?", know that he one dedicated racer, helluva wheelman, and even a better person..........................kt